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RRQ Albert top position, Kabuki no 2 Games

Currently rrq albert is at the top of the mpl rankings season 9 in its sixth week. Jungleer mainstay rrq is at the top with 55 points.

For info, players who become mvp every day will get 10 points, getting mvp every week will get an additional 5 points, mvp points will be accumulated every week by MPL Indonesia.

The player with the most points wins the regular season MVP after eight weeks of running, MPL usually introduces the player who has won the prestigious title.

MPL Indonesia’s official Instagram account wrote: Albert this week managed to solidify his position at the top of the MVP Leaderboard standings, and make the gap with second place Kabuki and Celiboy in third place

Kabuki and AE celiboy are third with 45 and 40 points respectively. EVOS Ferxiic, RRQ Clay, ONIC Kiboy, Aura High and ONIC Sanz are in 4th and 8th respectively.

Albert’s position is still vulnerable because only 10 to 15 points adrift from second to third place MVP of the week won by evos rekt in week six.

Rekt is said to be the key to victory in EVOS’ two matches against Alter Ego and Rebellion. However, the owner of Gustian’s real name was not included in the leaderboard list. because the score is still below the eighth rank.

In the fifth week Albert got an additional 10 daily mvp points for his position. Albert’s extraordinary performance cannot be separated from the optimal performance achieved by RRQ Hoshi. The King is currently ranked number one with 13 points.

Onic and Aura Fire are in second and third position with +8 and +6 points respectively. RRQ Hoshi is a team that has a greater chance of getting into the Upper Bracket than other teams. The last two weeks will determine which team will have a chance to be the winner in MPL Season 9 and MVP Regular Season

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