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Rockstar Games is Secretly Developing a New Open-World VR Game!

Rockstar Games is now known as one of the biggest video game developers and has released many quality games ranging from Grand Theft Auto, Bully, to Red Dead Redemption which were huge successes in the market. But behind that, Rockstar is arguably quite closed and doesn’t want to give many details regarding what projects they are working on.

Well, recently a game developer from LA Noire, Video Game Deluxe, through their LinkedIn account has announced that they are currently developing an open world AAA game for VR together with Rockstar Games.

VGD posts via LinkedIn

Even now Video Game Deluxe is also opening job vacancies for their studios including Senior Programmers, Engine Programmers, Designers and Animators. Seeing this, it seems that the project they are developing with Rockstar Games will be bigger and more ambitious than LA Noire.

But unfortunately, because this project is still in the early stages of development. There is no further information about this one project. So, let’s just wait for further information from Rockstar or Video Game Deluxe ok? buddy GameZeRO!

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