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Riot Announces Great Partnership Between Wild Rift and Coca-Cola!

Wild Rift is one of the Moba that is now starting to compete with big Moba on Smartphones, namely Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

These two games try to compete from various aspects, especially the esport aspect.

Not a few of them present spectacular prizes, there are also those who promise prestige and promising competitive rewards.

Here, Riot seems to be trying to fulfill the dreams of their prospective Wild Rift esport game activists, by slowly cooperating with several parties to become their esport partners.

According to Gamingonphone, Coca-Cola has recently signed an annual partnership with Riot. COca-cola itself carries a campaign that reads “It Must Be Real”.

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A Riot Games representative himself said that “Coca-Cola helped launch what is now the biggest esport on the planet, the League of Legends esport, so I’m pleased that they are also seeing the future of esports in Wild Rift.” “This partnership will expand to 100 countries, including 8 regional leagues that are the foundation of our esports,” he said.

Previously, Coca-Cola had also worked with Riot. From 2022 to 2022, Coca-Cola collaborated with the World League of Legend PC tournament.

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