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Respawn Entertainment in Development of New Singleplayer Game!

In recent years, Respawn Entertainment has been at their peak. Where their names are increasingly known since the appearance of Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Respawn Entertainment itself first rose to fame through Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Even so, until now there has been no latest news regarding the presence of the latest entry from the name Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment develops a new game!

Instead of coming up with the latest Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment has now confirmed that they are developing a new game. This game is planned to be a singleplayer adventure game.

This itself is known through the account Twitter from Mohammad Alavi as Creative Director of Respawn Entertainment. He has posted job postings for Lead Technical Game Designer, Senior Technical Game Designer, Senior Combat Designer and Senior Level Designer on Twitter.

Adventure singleplayer game!

Respawn Entertainment Confirms Development of New Singleplayer Game
Respawn Entertainment | Twitter

Alavi also provides details related to this work. He said that those who joined would be working on a new singleplayer adventure game. He added that the team that will work on the game is small in scale, but ambitious and has big dreams.

Most likely this latest game will not be in the world of Star Wars or Titanfall. There is no information regarding this latest project, but it is said to be a new IP.

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