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Resident Evil Live Action Series on Netflix Finally Announces Release Date

After the big screen reboot for Resident Evil yesterday failed (or no one even cared about it), fans’ hope is now of course focused on the live action series that Netflix is ​​currently working on.

And the good news, Netflix has finally officially announced that the Resident Evil series will be released on July 14th. This was announced directly by Neflix Geeked Twitter account.

In the caption, Netflix mentions that “Evil has evolved” which seems to be the main theme of this Netflix series later.

This Resident Evil series does take a completely new story from the games and films that previously existed. So it seems that there will be something new related to the words evolved or evolved mentioned.

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Moreover, in the description of the story that was announced by Netlix Geeked in 2022, it was written that the Resident Evil series will focus on “Albert Wesker’s children”, the antagonist of the series.

The Wisker children are retold to New Raccoon City. They must now uncover the secrets of the new city that might solve it all.

This Netflix series is indeed planning to expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the various mythologies that exist in the series.

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