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Released Globally, SINoALICE Will Collaborate with NieR

SINoALICE has been released in Japan and can be said to be selling well. This is proven by the number of players outside of Japan who are willing to play the game even though some of them do not master the Japanese language. The change of publisher from Nexon to Pokelabo makes gamers waiting for the global version of SinoALICE to be patient longer.

But the certainty regarding the global version of SINoALICE was finally announced. The global version will be released on June 1 for Android as well as iOS. What’s more, the release of this global version is also accompanied by a collaboration with NieR. This collaboration vent will present a quest with a special scenario written directly by Yoko Taro, there will be a battle scene at the amusement park against the Beauvior boss.

In addition, the music used in NieR Automata will also be played in the game. Characters such as A2, 2B, 9S will also be shown.

SINoALICE itself has a unique gameplay. The battle system used is realtime. You will fight alongside other players during missions to kill enemies. However, betrayal schemes or killing fellow players can occur in order to achieve certain goals.

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