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Recommended Dragon Nest Mobile Class for PvE and PvP

Developed by Eyedentity, Dragon Nest Mobile is an MMORPG game that is quite popular in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone, this game is distributed by Gemscool. Like most games, Dragon Nest Mobile class has its own classification. Each class have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Many players, especially beginners, are wondering, what? best Dragon Nest Mobile class who can you choose to win the fight? What Dragon Nest Mobile best solo class for those of you who prefer to play single?

The choice of class actually depends entirely on how you play. Are you the type of player who wants to dominate the arena? Or do you prefer to run everything alone? Do you like attacking from a distance or doing consecutive melee attacks? To find out, please see the review Dragon Nest Mobile class the following!

Get to know Dragon Nest Mobile Class Specialization Base

dragon nest mobile class tier list
Source: Jurnalapps

Each class in Dragon Nest has different strengths, weaknesses, specializations, and play styles. As basic knowledge before choosing Dragon Nest Mobile class tier listfirst see the list class basics in this game:


Warrior is a fighter who is agile and great in close combat. Using the sword, Warriors can run to the battlefield and deliver damage on the enemy at high speed. class it can also fight with axes and hammers.


Archers are very flexible and have excellent archery skills. class It is known to have superior mobility and skill in killing enemies while avoiding counter attacks.


The Sorceress uses Vision Magic in the form of fire, ice, and darkness to release powerful AoE and deal direct damage. Unfortunately, from a defensive point of view, class this is less reliable.


Cleric is class who is smart and can switch roles as support, defense, or attacker depending on the situation. Cleric is also class with the highest basic attack points among all class. Clerics focused on light-based magic and skills defensive ability that can weaken the enemy’s Light Resist.


Also known as Tinkerer, class it excels in artillery-based long-range combat. Academic has more mobility, but can’t withstand prolonged direct hits from enemy fire.


Kali is a fighter who uses spirit-based skills and weapons to defeat enemies. Often times act as Dragon Nest Mobile best DPS classbut have stronger offensive skills, depending on the chosen specialization.


Assassin is class skilled at executing enemies stealthily as swiftly as a shadow. class these are unique in that they are able to pool their power into strong attacks or use weaker attacks in succession.


Lancea is class who looked like a shy girl. However, he was ready to attack the enemy with his powerful spear.


Machina is able to paralyze enemies with her powerful and agile animal-like movements.


Vandar is an expert wielding a sword that can give damage physically or magically on the enemy.

Recommended Dragon Nest Mobile class to Play PvE

dragon nest mobile class element

Even though the election class Depending heavily on the style of play, there are several classes that excel at performing certain tasks. If you are an MMO player who plays because of the story and doesn’t like interacting with other people, you can focus on the PvE (Player vs Environment) aspect.

For those of you who want to play PvE, Warrior is a recommendation class best you can use. As cliche as it sounds, it’s hard to beat the attack and defensive prowess of a skilled Warrior. Warriors also have skills crowd control and by using a Mercenary, it’s perfect for solo combat and party because of ability de/buff qualified.

Besides, Warriors have high defense so they can still survive in battle even without backup. With some skills to fight bosses, you won’t be easily defeated by using Warrior to play solo.

Recommended Dragon Nest Mobile class to Play PvP

dragon nest mobile class specialization

On the other hand, if you prefer to fight against other players aka PvP (Player vs Player), choosing a fast character with good defense is the most effective option. There are two best classes for PvP in Dragon Nest, namely Warrior (Sword Master/sword specialty) and Cleric (with Paladin specialty).

Warriors can issue powerful mid-range attacks, while Clerics can take a lot of hits. With these two advantages, they are ideal for the battle arena.

However, there were also some senior players who recommended the Sorceress (with an Elemental Lord specialty). class this could be the third best for PvP games. Although it is difficult to master, once you understand how to play, you are theoretically unbeatable.

If you want to help party and members guild-mu to carry out raids, you need a support class alias support class who have good abilities. Actually, all class can equally play alone or in groups. Most of the class Has a good variety of single and multi enemy attacks.

But there is one class that can’t be denied skills the best to be used as support class, namely Cleric (with Priest specialization). Use class This is if you want to unite your team and lead them to victory.

Of course this does not make class others are less great. In the hands of the right people, Dragon Nest Mobile class element anything can be superior on the battlefield. So that your game is even cooler, don’t forget to check out other tips and top up diamond Your Dragon Nest on UniPin. The price is cheap and the process is also very easy, you know!

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