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Ranked Match in CS:GO is No Longer Free!

Several years ago, Valve made a decision to make CS:GO free-to-play, aka free for everyone to play. This decision also reaped the pros and cons of the players.

There are those who support this decision because it will indirectly make CS:GO more crowded. On the other hand, there are players who also disagree because it will also damage the CS:GO community due to the presence of cheaters and others.

Valve’s decision regarding CS:GO

Ranked Match In Cs Go Now No Longer Free
CS:GO | Dot Esports

Moreover, they had previously purchased the game at a not so cheap price. But now, for some reason, Valve is no longer giving freedom to free players, aka free-to-play.

Recently, Valve announced that free players can no longer access ranked matches in CS:GO. In addition, they also can no longer access several other features that can only be accessed by players with Prime status.

For those of you who don’t know, you can get Prime status in CS:GO if you buy the game. Furthermore, for free players can raise their level to 21 or purchase the status directly via Steam.

Prime Status CS:GO

Ranked Match In Cs Go Now No Longer Free 1
CS:GO | Zetizen

However, now this system has also been officially changed by Valve. You can’t get Prime status just by always playing the game. To be able to get Prime status, you have to buy with some money.

Players who do not have Prime status will not be able to access ranked matches, gain experience, skills, and items such as weapons and much more. Launching from the official blog of CS:GOValve did this to eradicate cheaters in the game.

After being free, CS:GO has many players who use cheaters. Valve also admitted that they were overwhelmed by eradicating users of the illegal program. Apart from that, you can now buy Prime status for IDR 213 thousand via Steam.

What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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