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Rafaela Mobile Legend Update and Successful Tricks to Play It

Rafaela Mobile Legends back with appearance and skill updates for a new generation of fighters. Often seen as a less powerful fighter or just a companion, Rafaela now comes with more powerful abilities plus a cool appearance. Here’s everything you should know about Rafaela Mobile Legends 2022.

Rafaela’s New Update List

raphaela mobile legends wallpaper

The striking change that is visible from the new Rafaela is her appearance. Carrying a more graceful appearance, Rafaela’s dress was changed to be longer and waved, in white and gold as the dominant colors. Her appearance is more like a Greek goddess with more detailed wing details and a more luxurious wand shape.

Rafaela Mobile Legends skin also shows a change for the Fertility Goddess, which is an Egyptian goddess-themed skin. This new skin features purple hair with sharper and more detailed wing details. The tip of the wand is no longer tapered, but a semicircle with gold accents. This change makes Rafaela look more modern.

For limited edition skins, there are new options, such as SABER, which offers a cyber police-like costume with a predominance of blue and gray. There is also a Biomedic similar to a nurse’s uniform plus a hat and a large red heart pattern in the center of her clothes.

Latest Rafaela Skill List

raphaela mobile legends skills

Rafaela Mobile Legends guide latest show results rework for basic skills. Here is the list for your consideration before playing.

1. Deity Penalization (Passive)

This skill allows Rafaela to “punish” the opponent fighter who finishes her off. After charging for two seconds, you can send a penalty by dealing True Damage of 20 percent of your opponent’s HP level.

2. Light of Retribution (Skill 1)

Light of Retribution combines the ability to find hidden enemy positions while dealing damage to them. You can find enemies hiding in the bushes before slowing their movement for 1.5 seconds and dealing 225 (+120) points of damage with Magic Power.

3. Holy Healing (Skill 2)

This is the mainstay power Rafaela Mobile Legends adventure which makes it so iconic. He can emit Holy Light to restore his HP by 370 (+50 percent) points plus teammates who are closest in position, but not as big as himself. Holy Healing also increases the speed of self and teammates who are hit by the light by 50 percent, but only for one second.

4. Holy Baptism (Skill 3)

Holy Baptism uses Holy Light to deal Magic Damage up to 460 (+120 percent) points while stunning 1.5 percent. You can increase the damage points that are launched if Rafaela’s level increases.

Build Items Rafaela

raphaela mobile legends build

Rafaela Mobile Legends build 2022 further strengthens his role as a Magic Hero-type support which at the same time can give damage. Here are some important items for you to get:

1. Courage Mask

Since Rafaela is a support fighter, the Courage Mask is the first important item. In addition to adding HP up to +700 points, Rafaela also gets a cooldown time reduction of up to 10 percent. You can even get an additional 20 percent Magic and Physical Attack for three seconds.

2. Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes are important items for the start of the game because they function to restore energy up to 30 points plus increase speed up to +40 points. You can get extra Mana when killing Minions or other fighters if you wear these shoes.

3. Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt increases defense for Rafaela, where you will get +800 HP points, Mana regeneration up to +30 points, and Cooldown time reduction up to +10 percent. If you use Basic Attack, the Thunder Belt will slow down your enemy for 1.5 seconds.

4. Immortality

Immortality helps Rafaela to have high Magic Resistance and HP. This protects him from being beaten by opposing fighters.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rafaela Update

raphaela mobile legends image

Even with the update, Rafaela still has some advantages and disadvantages for your consideration.


  • Able to give an acceleration effect for his own team as well as decrease the speed of the opposing team
  • Skill 3 is quite powerful for the size of the supporting fighter
  • How to control it is quite easy, suitable for beginner player ml


  • Skill 3 is easy to miss when launched because it consists of straight lines
  • Can’t survive alone during the fight, must rely on other fighters
  • It’s hard to reduce enemy damage with attacks unless your aim is right

Tips for Success Playing Rafaela

raphaela mobile legends skin

Rafaela is a support fighter, so you have to be pretty when using her in the game. Here are some tips for successfully playing Rafaela so that your team wins a lot and quickly GG.

1. Focus on Protection

As a Magic Hero, Rafaela does have advantages in the protection aspect. Don’t hesitate to be on the front line to protect your team members. Avoid being too eager to chase the enemy so that Rafaela doesn’t die quickly from being attacked or ambushed.

2. Use Skill Combinations

Rafaela can show great strength if you do combo moves using all of her Skills. For example, you can launch Skills 1, 3, and 3 when you are in the midst of an enemy and need to escape quickly.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Protect the Team During Farming

Farming is an activity that many heroes do during the early stages of the game. You can use Rafaela to protect other team members when Farming at the beginning, especially for Heroes who need this in order to win in the final stages.

4. Avoid Passive Play

Rafaela wasn’t designed to stay in one place. You have to be agile to follow the team’s movements to provide a protective effect. Your role is especially important for core fighters, for example in opening regional maps. You should also not engage in open warfare unless you already have a large number of supporters.

Rafaela Mobile Legends the new version offers a variety of unique changes from appearance to craftsmanship. Don’t forget to use the right items and skills to keep it safe while protecting the rest of the team until you achieve victory.

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