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Racism, Konami removes Antoine Griezmann as brand ambassador

Recently there has been a controversy involving the name Antonine Grizmann. He himself is a football player from FC Barcelona. Because of this case of racism, FC Barcelona was criticized by most of the sponsors.

The two sponsors who gripped Antoine Grizmann’s acts of racism were Konami and Rakuten. For those of you who don’t know, this case itself began with a video showing the actions taken by Griezmann and Ousmane.

Antoine Griezmann’s racism

The actions of these two players were judged to be mocking Asians. Not now, it is known that this video took place in 2022. During Barcelona’s pre-season tour of Japan, Griezmann and Dembele appeared to make fun of the Japanese technician, who was fixing the television in a hotel room.

The video shows Dembele allegedly uttering insults about the Japanese language, stature and ability to use technology, which Griezmann laughs at.

Konami terminates Antoine Griezmann’s contract

In addition, there is a video in the swimming pool showing the French striker pretending to speak in an Asian accent, which sounds mocking. Because of this, Konami as one of the sponsors of FC Barcelona and Griezmann also asked for an explanation.

Along with this, Konami has also kicked out Antoine Grizmann as the brand ambassador of their games like Yu-Gi-Oh. In response to this, FC Barcelona also apologized to the Japanese and all their fans via the site official they.

They promised to improve the attitude of the players from acts of humiliation, discrimination and also racism. Meanwhile, Antoine Griezmann also did the same via his official Twitter account.

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