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Prepare Yourself Game Arknights: Endfield Will Become a Realtime 3D RPG!

The Arknights game itself had become one of the most popular mobile games among mobile game players.

The anime graphics and full of waifuable characters make this game quite popular with Gacha gamers.

Even so, the game genre, which is a tower defense strategy, is something that may not be able to attract gamers who like other genres.

Through the latest announcement, Hypergryph as the developer of Arknights released a gameplay trailer for its newest game, Arknights: Endfield.

Despite having the same universe as its predecessor, Arknights: Enfield seems to have a much different genre and gameplay.

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Through the latest trailer uploaded by the channel youtube official Arknights:Endfield, the game seems to have 3D graphics and the ability to play real time.

Seen players can bring several characters at the same time and explore the locations in the game directly.

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