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Premiere Gameplay Horizon Forbidden West

Last year was the year Horizon Forbidden West was first announced. The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn first surfaced through the PlayStation 5 event.

Horizon Forbidden West was previously planned to launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 in 2022 with no definite release date.

Horizon Forbidden West premiere gameplay

Previously there had been news that said that the release of the game would be postponed to 2022. Although there has been no confirmation from Sony itself.

Although there are no details regarding the game’s release schedule, the latest information for Horizon Forbidden West was revealed through the State of Play event some time ago.

Haven’t got an exact schedule yet!

Premiere Gameplay Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West | Sony

Sony and Guerrilla Games have finally shown the first gameplay of their game. Through a 14-minute trailer, fans are shown the various things the game is trying to offer.

Interestingly, this gameplay is taken directly from the PlayStation 5 version. This trailer also closes with a slick battle with a robotic monster called Tremormusks.

Despite all that, the exact release date of Horizon Forbidden West itself has not been announced until now. This game is planned to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

So when will the exact release schedule of this one game be announced? Interesting for us to wait. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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