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Practical Ways to Buy iTunes Gift Cards at Indomaret

Want to buy an iTunes Gift Card through Indomaret? If yes, you can use the following method. By using this method, you can buy iTunes Gift Cards easily and practically.

iTunes Gift Card is a voucher that we can buy to top up our Apple ID balance. Which balance can be used to buy content in the App Store or iTunes Store. Purchaseable content for example: apps, games, songs, movies and more. Not only can we buy digital content, we can also use iTunes Gift Cards as a means of top-up games on iOS (for example on iPhone or iPad). This is certainly very helpful for iPhone/iPad users who don’t have a credit/debit card.

iTunes Gift Cards can be purchased in many places. One of them you can buy an iTunes voucher (iTunes Gift Card) at UniPin. By buying at UniPin, you can also pay through Indomaret.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Card and Pay at Indomaret

Here are the steps for purchasing an iTunes Gift Card via UniPin. You can pay for this purchase at the nearest Indomaret.

  1. Go to web, go to section vouchersthen go to the purchase page iTunes Gift Cards.
  2. Determine the amount you will buy. Options are available from 5 USD to 50 USD. Please note, this iTunes Gift Card can only be used for accounts with the United States (United States) region.
    buy iTunes Gift Card
  3. Next, specify the payment method to be used. For payments via Indomaret, you can choose a non-bank OTC payment method, then select Indomaret. In addition, various other payment methods are also available. For example, you can pay e-wallet (such as GoPay, OVO, and others), use bank transfers, use credit, and other payment methods.
    choose Indomaret
  4. Then enter your email to confirm. Make sure the email address is correct, because a voucher code will be sent to that email.
    purchase confirmation
  5. Next you get a payment code. Now, you can take this payment code with you and use it at Indomaret.
    payment code
  6. Just come to the nearest Indomaret, then make a payment using the payment code that you got earlier.
  7. After the payment is successful, the voucher will be sent directly to your email.

After successfully getting the voucher code, you can immediately exchange the code in the iTunes Store or in the App Store. Later, your iTunes account or Apple ID will be immediately filled with balance. Thus, it can be immediately used to buy songs, applications, games, and so on.

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