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Pokimane Turns Down Offer To Move From Twitch Platform

Pokimane rejects offer to move from Twitch

Pokimane is a Popular Girl Twitch Streamer who is known to have more than 3.9 million followers and is proficient in playing Games such as League Of Legends and Fortnite.

Now, many Twitch streamers are starting to move to other Livestream platforms besides Twitch which offer exclusive livestreamer contracts such as Facebook, Mixed to YouTube. However, Not for Pokimane.

Through his personal official Twitter account, he uploaded a short video saying that he would not move to another platform.

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Alys, then explained through a video uploaded on his Youtube Channel that at that time he was offered an exclusive contract to become a streamer on various platforms. Anys also explained that the money offered was very high, but he refused and would continue to livestream on Twitch.

In addition, he also considers various aspects if he chooses to move, such as server delays to the community from where the streaming is.

“I’d rather have less money to have more fun, stay with my community, and respect the place where my career started,” he said.

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