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Playing Lumia Saga? Here's the Guide!

Lumia Saga could be the only game genre MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that doesn’t feature fierce and scary visuals in its character choices, such as heroes, monsters, and enemies. On the other hand, all the characters seem cute and adorable so battle may feel a little different to some people.

However, this does not seem to have a significant effect on its level of popularity. The proof, interest gamer still high to try out the slick adventures offered by developer Century Games Limited throughout the game’s storyline.

What made this game so popular? Then, how to get and play it? You can find the answer from the review below.

Lumia Saga at a glance

lumia saga gameplay

Games in this discussion, it not only offers sharp, detailed, cool, and adorable graphics, but also offers gameplay which is quite serious.

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to determine the class (class) of the character to be played. Then, the selection continues at the stage of determining gender (gender) and the visual appearance of the character. Unfortunately, you can’t expect much more from character customization (as with other MMORPGs) in games this is because of the manufacturer games does not provide this feature.

Furthermore, Lumia Saga gameplay move on to mission completion. In addition to the main mission, players will also get interesting additional missions, such as making potions, collecting plants, performing dances, and much more. Fun, right?

Other fun on offer at games this is a feature to develop life skills character, visuals chibi art style, the existence of a system to carry out missions automatically, and others.

Now, looking at the reviews above, it is very reasonable that the results of Lumia Saga review reveal that this game is not an ordinary RPG game and belongs to the title games must try (source: boxgame).

Lumia Saga Guide

lumia saga gameplay

The first guide that you should know as a player is the following.


Classes related to hero which is played. There are at least eight classes offered by Century Games Limited for its users, including: Knight, Mage, Adjudicator, Oracle, Swordsman, Guardian, Warlock, or Scholar.


Hero skill upgrade-you to be stronger! Suite skills what you can use is combat and survival.


Enjoy four choices Quest interesting, among others Play Quest (coloured Red), Daily Quest (green color), Side Quest (in blue), and Special Quest (in purple).

Collection Book

Record your achievements during play by using the features collection books. Later, in this book, you can see the history of any monsters that have been defeated, quest what has been completed, and what level has been reached.

Tips and Tricks to Play

lumia saga review

To make your game even cooler, you certainly need a guide in the form of tips and tricks. Therefore, this time we have summarized some tips and tricks that you might be able to apply during this time battle-you take place.

Do Leveling

Just like other MMORPG genre games, leveling very important to do. Generally, players upgrade level-by killing monsters and completing many missions.

Besides, you can also do it by completing all quest in play story until your character can no longer continue the game because of a collision levels. If this happens, you can switch to playing missions from Events to get EXP Boost.

Acquisition EXP Boost help you fill levels. Play at Events until level-you reach a certain point or at least until your character is able to play in main story quests again.

Leveling provide many uses for your character, such as increasing stats, unlocking access dungeons, and allow players to use equipment with level higher.

Fight in Time Rift

When you log in to level 14, you will have access to the menu Time Rifts. Play on the menu. You will get EXP and Good Enhancement Stones there. Second items it is used toupgrade equipment battle to a higher and stronger level.

Skill Upgrades Character

There are three ways you can do to upgrade skills your character, namely:

  1. Choose Quick Upgrade so that capacity building can be carried out completely and automatically.
  2. Check Skill Settings or Auto Combat so that your character’s abilities can be adjusted.
  3. Use at least 1 skills (single target) which doesn’t use energy to adjust fighting ability in mode Auto Battle.

Not difficult is it?

Choose Characters Wisely

As previously explained, this game has several classes hero which can be selected. In order to give good performance during the game, you must be able to choose your character class wisely. Choose a character based on your needs!

Method Top up Lumia Saga

download lumia saga

The fastest and easiest way to top up diamond is via unipin. You just need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the unipin page.
  • Type the keyword “Lumia Saga” in the search field.
  • Fill in the user ID and
  • Choose a nominal diamonds to buy (available from 5 to 14400).
  • Choose a payment method. You can pay through various channels, includes credit cuts, transfers virtual accounts, payment on line, Indomaret, internet banking, even credit cards.
  • Complete and complete the transaction by making a payment.

So, ready to play? Come on, get it soon game-his! You can follow the method download Lumia Saga the following.

First, make sure your phone has space blank to save app games. Then, connect the phone to the internet and open the Google Play Store or App Store application. Type in the title of the game and press the search button. After, application games appears click the option “install”.

Next, you just need to wait until the game is installed perfectly on your device. If it is 100%install, then you can open the game application and start playing. Additional information, even though it has just been downloaded, you can still do top up diamonds Lumia Saga via unipin if needed.

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