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Playing Becomes More Exciting with SCAR L PUBG

Player games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) must be familiar with the choice of weapon types Assault Rifles (AR) this, SCAR L. Especially for those of you who often play in folder Erangel and Miramar, SCAR L PUBG maybe it will always be your main weapon of choice when you go down to the battlefield.

Besides being difficult to find, SCAR L is also quite challenging to play. The reason is, you need to know special tips and tricks for using this weapon. Therefore, let’s discuss it in detail.

SCAR L at a glance

scar l pubg skin

Includes a choice of weapons that powerful, The SCAR L never disappoints its wearer. In fact, this weapon is a variant of the SCAR weapon theme in the PUBG monile game. SCAR L has a close relative named SCAR H which is only offered on the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The difference between the two is in the size of the diameter of the bullet used. The SCAR H uses larger ammunition, as does the AKM (7.62 mm). Meanwhile, the SCAR L bullet is slightly smaller, which is 5.56 mm like the M16A4 weapon.

However, you should also know that the size of the bullet does not necessarily describe the horror of a weapon. There are other supporting factors as well, such as attachments, firing rate, recoil, and others.

For that, in order to better understand SCAR L in detail, you probably need to study the weapon stats information.

Weapon Statistics

In general the stats of this weapon are as follows.

Firing Speed75/100
Ammo Type5.56mm
Magazine Capacity30/40
Weapon TypeAssault Type (AR)
Reload Speed3”

From the information above, it can be seen the reason why SCAR L PUBG mobile is quite lethal to finish off your enemy.


Referring website Zillion Gamers, there are four types SCAR L attachments offered by PUBG mobile, that is Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, and Magazines. You can use items from the four interchangeably as needed.

If you fight in class close range, Use Red Dot Sight and Thumb Grips. For mid-range combat, Scope 3x and Half Grip could be a complementary item. Meanwhile, for those of you who like to compete from afar (long range), complete SCAR L with Scope 6x and Vertical Grips.

How about options Muzzles and Magazine? You have to trust the options Compensator and Quickdraw Extended Magazine at all combat distances, from near to far.


SCAR L PUBG Skins offered quite a variety. At least, there are twenty options that you can use. Anything?

Abyss CommanderScarlet HorrorFlagship
Blood OathBlue DimensionBowknot
Desert CamoExtreme RacingGlorious Gold
Gold PlatedHot PizzaLightning
Rugged OrangeSand DuneSandstorm
SwordsmanTerrorTidal Surge
Tidal WaveYellow Stripes

Of all the choices there are two skin which is quite popular its reputation among pro gamer PUBG mobile.

First is Glorious Gold SCAR L PUBG mobile. True to its name skin it displays a fierce and luxurious visual. Skins It has a bright base color that sparkles like gold. In addition, design glorious gold also feels more expensive because it is added to the white pattern all over the rifle.

Second is Terror SCAR L PUBG. For those of you who like the combination of many bright and elegant colors, terror skins be the right choice. Because, skin it presents color harmonization (such as white, yellow, green, black, and brown) nicely on the SCAR L weapon.

Skins actually not only beautify the outer appearance of the weapon, but also increase its functionality, for example minimizing vibration recoil, Upgrade power, etc.

Why Choose SCAR L PUBG?

scar l pubg mobile

There are many reasons why you should use SCAR L, including:

  1. Weapons are hard to find (only in folder oldest PUBG, Erangel and Miramar). So, you automatically become an exclusive player if you get it.
  2. SCAR L can be the center of strength for the team when coupled with elections item attachments right.
  3. Weapons which is very friendly in the hands of all players, including newbie.
  4. Weapon combat range can be adjusted according to usage scope and Foregrip that fits. In other words, you can use this weapon for close, medium, and long range combat.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, some interesting facts about SCAR L can also be the reason you choose it as the main weapon in PUBG matches mobile.

First, SCAR is a term for Special Operations Force (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle. The sign, this weapon is specially designed for elite troop groups, One of the United States Command Troops. So, it is not surprising that SCAR is not easy to find on the free market.

Second, the SCAR is a replacement for the M416 and M4. In real use, SCAR is allegedly the tougher of the two. Furthermore, SCAR is offered in two versions. As mentioned earlier, you will find SCAR L in PUBG mobile and SCAR H on PUBG PC.

Tips for Using SCAR L

glorious gold scar l pubg mobile

In every battle there must be a special strategy so that team members can win. Therefore, learning the tricks to use SCAR L may be very necessary.

Check out the following tips!

  1. Pay attention to the shooting range of the weapon.

Each weapon certainly has different abilities, in particular shooting range. SCAR L itself is more suitable for use against close to medium range enemies.

2. Embed attachments appropriate.

Items on attachments can help you improve the performance of a weapon. Therefore, choose according to your needs. Reread in section attachments above for complete information!

3. Search in folder right

Unlike the M416 and AKM which can be found in folder Either way, SCAR L is only in Erangel and Miramar. So you need to pay attention folder if you want to get SCAR L.

If you have understood the above reviews carefully, you will agree that SCAR L PUBG worth considering as the main weapon in each of your games. To make your game cooler, you also need to add skins. Direct top up just unpin it so you can get it fast skin cool!

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