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Play with Dasha Free Fire, Find the Tips Here

There are various characters that you can use when playing in Free Fire. One of them, Dasha Free Fire. Like various other characters in this game, Dasha also has several advantages, namely strong overcoming recoil weapons, can fall from a height without experiencing damageand easy to do recovery.

Dasha Free Fire Character Profile

dasha ff character

Dasha’s character is inspired by a YouTuber with a beautiful appearance who comes from Russia. In the game, Dasha is depicted as having short hair and wearing a purple beanie. This 25-year-old beauty loves to party.

Dasha’s life story is quite sad. His initially happy childhood life had to change because his parents died. His best friend also moved and his adoptive family did not receive him well. Besides, his country was facing a war.

Because of this condition, he felt betrayed and mistreated. When he was 18 years old, he also made the decision to rise from the collapse and chose to have fun at the party. Fun becomes a weapon for him to reclaim his life.

Advantages and disadvantages

dasha ff skill

Next, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Dasha Free Fire before playing. This will help you determine the right game strategy.

Dasha’s advantages include having the ability to descend from a height. Even this character will not experience fall damage because of that. In addition, Dasha can also be invited to play aggressively. With the right weapon, the enemy will be easy to defeat.

On the other hand, Dasha has drawbacks in the form of skills which is not flexible. Skills fall in a height for example, can not be used continuously in the game. Another thing to note, skills Dasha is difficult to use optimally. When shooting for example, you have to do it while walking so that recoil down.

Best Weapon Combination

dasha ff ability

To fight her enemies, Dasha must have a good weapon. You can determine the best combination of weapons used by this character in order to attack the enemy optimally.

1. Gatling

Gatling’s weakness is having recoil big one, but fire rate counted high. This weapon is heavy so you can’t move the character that uses it freely and quickly.

Interestingly, Dasha can overcome the problem with Gatling’s weapons by using her ability to move vertically. This method will make Dasha’s mobility more optimal when using Gatling. Besides that, recoil weapons will also be reduced because it has been overcome by skills Dasha.

2. AN94

Another weapon that Dasha Free Fire characters can rely on is the AN94. This is a weapon with recoil big ones like Gatling. It is just, fire rate his is still smaller. The advantage of the AN94 is that it can shoot bullets with more damage.

By using skills recoil, Dasha can reduce the weakness of this weapon. He can also use it to do poke from a high place. When trapped, Dasha will jump between buildings due to reduction fall damage.

3. Thompson

Thompson can be used aggressively by Dasha. This weapon has recoil big and also fire rate tall one. By using this weapon, Dasha can also use her mobility to urge the enemy not to run away.

Another advantage of Thompson is that it can do rush rapidly. In addition, Dasha can jump into tall buildings to escape from the crowd. If you play aggressively, this strategy is very effective.

Play Tips

dasha character ff

Well, to play with Dasha FF character If you choose this, there are several strategies that can be applied. Come on, see here tips for playing with Dasha.

1. Get to know the characteristics of Dasha

You must first really recognize and understand the characteristics of the character you are going to play. Because it has the ability to reduce recoil weapons, every shot Dasha makes will be precise even when she’s in a running position.

Another Dasha FF character is being able to drop from a height without getting damaged. Dasha was ready to run. Knowing this ability will really help you to move effectively while in the game.

2. Rush inside the house

Because of ability recoil on weapons, Dasha will be very good when doing rush inside the house. In this location, there are many opportunities to defeat the enemy because of the close range. The advantage, the shot will be more accurate.

3. Must be able to do flanks

For those of you who don’t know, flanks is a strategy to suppress the enemy from behind. In this way, you can defeat the enemy faster. However, you have to make sure the position you have is good enough before making an attack.

When doing flanks, Dasha Free Fire characters should use AWM weapons. In addition, you also have to be careful because of the character to do counter on flanker in Free Fire very much.

4. Use high recoil weapons

In addition, you can also use weapons with recoil high when playing, for example SMG weapons. This will help you because skills Dasha’s mainstay is reducing recoil. This makes Dasha’s accuracy when firing a weapon more guaranteed.

5. Use the right combination

The next tip is to use a combination skills perfect for playing. In this way, the ability of the Dasha FF character will be stronger. You can use DJ Alok or Jota at the beginning of the game. Both will strengthen this character so that the attack results are more extraordinary.

Besides, Andrew’s power can also create abilities rush on Dasha is more optimal. Andrew has defense vest which makes Dasha less vulnerable to bullets while in the middle of battle.

So, here’s a review about Dasha Free Fire that you need to know before playing this character. Before playing, make sure you have done top up on UniPin first to buy diamonds so you can play optimally. What are you waiting for, immediately play Dasha on Free Fire now.

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