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Play PS on Android? Try These 9 PS1 Android Games!

The charm of Play Station as one of the console Classics are always attractive. Even though times are evolving and technology is changing, game console The first generation from Sony is still in great demand by consumers gamers. This is why when smartphone appears, many are interested in playing games PS1 on Android.

Good news, thanks emulator Android we can play a variety of games which used to only be played using the PS1. As a reminder, here’s a summary of some games The best PSI that can now also be played on smartphone Android easily.

Recommended PS1 Android Games

1. Tekken 3

small size android ps1 games

On games PS1 Android this we will fight bot on various battlefields. For the character, you are free to choose one of 15 new characters. Available in 3 modes namely, arcades, practice, and survival, graphic games it is quite smooth and high quality.

This is why even though it is played on smartphonethe appearance of Tekken 3 Android remains high quality with unique details as when we played it on Android console PS1. In addition to the game, players are also free to follow the Tekken 3 storyline until the end of the game or the end.

2. Crash Team Racing

best android ps1 games

Racing games This fun was first released in 1999 in North America. Even though he is more than 20 years old, until now Crash Team Racing or CTR is one of the games The PS1 is popular and has many fans. Now, games We can play this fun on Android thanks to emulator and coolRome.

Cool, graphic display games This classic is no less good and sophisticated with various games new version. Even when played on Android, games This is clear and fun enough that even players who are new to CTR don’t get bored playing it games this.

3. Super Shot Soccer

android ps1 games without emulator

Inspired by the anime Captain Tsubasa, games This soccer simulation provides magic moves to help get the ball into the goal. The moves were adapted to the national symbols, ideology, and culture of each team from various countries.

There are at least 30 national teams that can be chosen to finish this game. Unique is the main attraction of Super Shot Soccer that makes games this is different compared games PS1 Android without emulator or who use emulator other.

4. Harvest Moon

collroom ps1 android games

Farming and games This simulation tells the story of a young man who inherits a farm and plantation belonging to his grandfather in Mineral Town. The main task of the player is to help the young man manage and restore the glory of the farm and plantation.

At first glance, this game looks easy. But in reality, the young man must overcome several challenges and complete all missions well. Because if not, within three years the young man will have to leave Mineral Town.

Meanwhile, if successful, the young man can stay in Mineral Town and marry one of the village girls. Games PS1 Android looks pretty easy and fun for fan players games simulation, who don’t mind having to go through a long time to finish the game.

5. Nascar Rumble

rumble racing ps1 android

Created by Electronic Arts for the Play Station, Nascar Rumble is a racing game 1 vs 5 which goes through 18 different tracks. There are several modes games that can be selected, namely Single Race, Championship, Showdown, and Time Trial. Each has different advantages.

Games which was first released in 2000 ago can be played by single or multiplayer good when using game console PS1 or smartphone Android. Although the graphic display is not as good as some racing game Another Android, but Nascar Rumble has a special advantage that keeps it in demand.

6. Pepsiman

pepsiman android

One of running games most popular on the PS1 is quite easy. Here players just have to play a character known as Pepsiman and run around avoiding various obstacles. As a challenge, Pepsiman also has to collect cans of Pepsi along the way to give to thirsty people.

Although storylineit’s weird, but games PS1 Android This small size is very fun to play and quite addictive. Plus theme song as well as background music unique, play games it feels like it will never be boring.

7. Resident Evil 2

resident evil android
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Still taking the backdrop of Raccoon City, survival horror game We can now play this on Android too. Broadly speaking, players only need to save themselves from citizens who have been infected and become zombies. Every now and then you will fight these monsters and solve puzzles.

On games In this fun game, you will play two characters, namely Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Visually, the Android version is no less good than the version console. Just maybe the difference zombies in console we can see games from the widescreen whereas on Android the screen size smartphone obviously smaller.

8. Metal Slug X

metal slug x android

One of games PS1 which can be played without an emulator is a shooting game. Developer This classic game is SNK Playmore and was first released in 1999. To win the game, you will be equipped with various powerful weapons.

Games it is also available in arcade mode which allows players to select missions and play separately in mission mode. In the Play Store Metal Slug X is quite popular. Games This fun has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and is quite recommended by many users.

9. Winning Eleven

winning eleven ps1 android

Winning Eleven is not only a PS1 icon but also games the most legendary football. Even though there are currently a lot games similar to the more sophisticated graphics, but Winning Eleven still has its own charm. Like the version console, games PS1 Android coolRome also has original and fictional soccer player characters.

Like Roberto Carlos, Ryan Giggs, Ronaldo, Castolo, Ivarov, Huygens, and so on. Without compromising the quality of the graphics, the Android version of Winning Eleven is just as exciting as the version console.

So, interested to play games PS1 Android in smartphone? Have a nice play.

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