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Play Guide for Beginner Gamers

Although it has been released since 2000, Counter Strike is still one of the most popular first person shooter (FPS) games. The latest version, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSG) is not only played by experienced gamers, but also newbie. For gamers newbieCSGO guide is important information so as not to be the butt of the battlefield.

With the right guide, you will know that using CSGO skins cannot help in battle. Its use only gives effect to the appearance, so that your character becomes cooler. The rest, you need to practice to improve your shooting skills and reach high CSGO ranks. Furthermore, you can also compete with better gamers.

There are 5 basic guidelines that you need to pay attention to to get better at playing CSGO, namely:

1. Game Map

download csgo

The first thing you need to know after downloading CSGO and playing it is the arena or game map. CSGO is a game that is famous for its various battle map options. There are a total of 18 battle maps that you can choose from in this FPS game.

The eighteen maps are further divided into several categories, each of which are 7 Active Duty Map Pool maps, 6 Reserve Map Pool maps, and 5 Hostage Rescue Maps maps. For those of you who are still beginners, you don’t need to study all the maps, just 5 popular maps in the Active Duty Map Pool category, namely:

– Inferno

The first map is Inferno, which is included as one of the classic maps in the game Counter Strike. The environment on this map is dominated by the presence of European-style buildings. Inferno is a map used for a bomb defusal themed game. There are 2 bombsite areas whose location you can find in the corner of the map.

– Dust II

Next, you need to study the classic map Dust II. This map is very popular and is often used by professional gamers. This battle map takes the theme of the atmosphere like in the Middle East. This can be seen from the ground surface in the form of sand and buildings that have the architecture of the countries there.

– Cache

There is also a Cache map, known as a suitable battle arena for CSGO gamers newbie. You can easily increase your CSGO ranks here because Cache has a simple structure. This map only has one main link that allows you to quickly find the enemy’s presence.

– Mirage

At first glance, the Mirage map has similarities to Dust II, which has a Middle Eastern theme. However, Mirage is a map that was created inspired by Morocco. This is evidenced by the use of Moroccan-style buildings. This map has a structure that is not too complicated, with 3 main paths in it.

– Overpass

Lastly, you need to study the Overpass map. This map offers fun gameplay, especially if you choose to play as a counter terrorist.

2. How to Shoot Effectively

csgo settings

The next important guide that you need to pay attention to is how to shoot. You can’t just shoot enemies while playing CSGO. Especially, if you are used to shooting while running. Most likely if you shoot your shot will miss and not hit the target.

Then, what is the right way to shoot the enemy accurately in CSGO? The solution is easy. You can go to CSGO settings and set up CSGO crosshair. Feature crosshair is a facility that can help you to target the enemy accurately. You can also set it according to your own convenience.

Instead of using CSGO crosshair defaultyou can try wearing crosshair custom. When making it, you need to make sure that crosshair custom has good visibility on any map. At the same time, the form of CSGO crosshair do not block or interfere with the view.

In the making of CSGO crosshair custom, 7 settings you can do, namely stylesize, thickness, gap, outline, dot, and color. If you are confused, you can also follow the CSGO settings crosshair from professional and world-renowned Counter Strike gamers.

3. Spray Control Weapon

csgo crosshair

The next CSGO guide is still related to how to shoot. You need to know that every type of weapon in CSGO cannot aim accurately when used to shoot. You will find that the weapons have patterns spray different ones.

Pattern spray it will be obvious if you use a weapon like the AK-47 or M4. These two types of weapons have spray pattern which you can easily follow, which are both forming the number 7. Furthermore, you can also anticipate the pattern by moving the mouse in the opposite direction.

4. Best Weapon Choice

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The next thing that is no less important is the choice of weapons. When you download CSGO and play this game, you will get various weapon options. AWP is a weapon that is famous for having damage largest and most expensive. This weapon is suitable if you play as a sniper, kill the enemy with just one shot. You can use AWP when playing as a terrorists or counter-terrorists.

Next, there are considerations for choosing the AK-47 if you play as a terrorists. This weapon is famous as a favorite choice of gamers. This weapon has damage quite high and the price is cheap. Besides that, spray controlIt’s relatively easy and you can master it quickly.

At the counter-terrorists, there are 2 best weapon options that you can use. The two weapons are the M4A4 and the M4A1-S. The M4A4 weapon has a more expensive price tag than the M4A1-S. On the other hand, the M4A1-S offers control spray which is relatively easier but the number of bullets is less.

5. Always Communicate

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The last guide, you need to prioritize communication when playing CSGO. Remember, CSGO is not a solo game, but requires teamwork. Moreover, you will meet various gamer characters while playing CSGO. So, you need to practice to get used to the communication patterns in CSGO.

That’s the CSGO guide that you can use when you first play this popular game. To get better at it, you need a lot of practice. If you have high confidence, consider upgrading your Prime account by paying IDR 212,999 on Steam.

Prime accounts allow you to play with better capable gamers. You can also get a Prime CSGO account easily. Enough to take advantage of Unipin vouchers which you can then use to top up Steam Wallet.

Happy playing, yes.

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