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Play the Capsa Susun Online Game with Friends, Here's How to Play it

Games capsa stacking It’s really fun to play with friends. Not only to increase familiarity, but this game can also test your skills in strategizing when issuing cards.

However, due to the pandemic and activity restrictions, you and your friends are forced to postpone the get-together. When the feeling of longing is getting worse, there are interesting alternatives to satisfy the desire to play with them you know. Yes, now you can download capsa Susun directly to smartphones.

There are many choices of domino capsa stacking games available on the PlayStore. All have a similar appearance with interesting features. To make it easier for you, first check the full review of capsa stacking the following.

About Capsa Susun

domino capsa stacking

Did you know that the capsa card game has been very popular in the Asian region since the early 1980s? In fact, you can find two games that are similar but not the same, namely the slam version and the stacking version which will be reviewed this time.

For the online version, you are free to play with the aim of having fun, so there is no need to bet money. You simply understand the basic rules that apply in this game. How is it similar to a game capsa stacking normal.

After dealing 13 cards between two to four players, you must arrange and find the right card to be issued first. Which card is ideal for you is also determined what the opponent’s card is before your turn. Simple, right?

Capsa Susun Features

capsa stacking online android

Because it is an online game, of course you need an internet connection in order to play this card game. App average mobile gaming The latest cards are equipped with various interesting features, as described below.

Can be played by two to four people

Thanks to the multiplayer feature, you can play online capsa with two to four people at the same time. Just like when you get together with friends, the more people who come to play, the more you can enjoy the game together.

Various play rooms available

Sometimes you feel bored with the playing room that is just there? Application capsa stacking online provides a variety of playrooms with attractive settings and views. So, guaranteed you will not be bored!

Send messages quickly

One of the anti-death tips while waiting for your turn is to send messages via the feature chat. Not only do you send texts, but you also send emojis to each other that can express your feelings at that time.

Equipped with English and Indonesian language settings

Yes, even for beginners, this game will not be difficult to understand. The reason is that the menu settings are also presented in Indonesian. So, for those of you who don’t understand English, don’t worry!

How to play

Download Capsa Susun

Then, how to play capsa stacking?

Actually, this game is relatively easy to understand for beginners. However, so that you don’t make a wrong move and can immediately follow the game, see how to play it here.

Each player has 13 cards

You will receive 13 cards. Your first task is to arrange the cards to get the best card arrangement or combination.

Divide the cards in three rows

This will make it easier for you to see what kind of composition the cards have. The lowest card arrangement must have the largest combination value compared to the card in the middle. Likewise, the middle card must have a higher combination value than the card in the top position.

Check the arrangement of card combinations from best to lowest

For your guide, here is the arrangement of the best to lowest card combinations.

  1. Royal Flushthe highest card combination, usually filled with consecutive numbers of 10 and has a similar flower shape.
  2. Straight Flusha combination of consecutive cards that have the same suit.
  3. Four of a kinda combination of cards with the same number plus one free card.
  4. full house, card combination three of a kind and cards pair.
  5. Flush, a combination of five cards that have the same suit, but not in sequential order, it is determined which flower is higher (spades – hearts – curls – diamonds).
  6. straight, a combination of consecutive numbered cards and does not need the same type of flower.
  7. three of a kind, a combination of three cards of the same number, the remaining two cards are usually random.
  8. double pair, arrangement of two pairs of cards with one random card.
  9. pairs, card combination contains a pair of twin cards, pair 2 Lowest, pair the highest ace.

The Advantages of the Capsa Susun Game

capsa game online android

Now, after you know how to play it, you can imagine what are the advantages of this social card game? Check the list here.

Free to play from anywhere

As long as you are connected to the internet, you are free to play from anywhere without knowing the limitations of time and place. However, don’t forget to eat, drink, and rest, so you don’t have to have fun playing.

Add new friends

Not only invite friends you already know, but you can also get acquainted with new friends. Because, games capsa stacking online can’t start if it’s just you. You can check who is online and invite them to play together.

Entertainment facility

When you are not free to travel but are also bored with the same activities at home, playing online games is definitely the best thing to do. As a means of entertainment, you can play while relaxing and chatting with friends through the feature chat which is available.

Sharpen logical thinking skills

Although it looks simple, this game actually stimulates your skills to think logically. You also need to prepare a strategy to know the right time to issue the best card combination in order to beat your opponent. The right arrangement of cards with the highest value can bring you to win the game.

Best Top Up Place

domino capsa gameOne more thing to remember, don’t forget to fill in coins or chips as game capital stacking capsa. Of course, there is no better place to top up coins than at UniPin. Try following these steps.

  1. Go to UniPin webpage Mango Capsa Susun.
  2. Enter your account ID, click which nominal you want.
  3. Choose one of the many payment channels available, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, minimarket outlets, and e-wallet.
  4. After the payment is complete, your account will be refilled automatically.

You already know how to play capsa stacking easy online following coin top up on UniPin? Hope this information helps. Have a nice play!

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