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Platinum Games Was Offered Acquisition by Microsoft

A few weeks ago, Nier Automata game developer Platinum Games announced its partnership with Tencent. With this collaboration, Platinum hopes that they can continue to work on their original project and release it independently. In the last few years they have been “forced” to release games according to the direction of publishers such as Konami or Nintendo.

Another fact was revealed that before deciding to cooperate with Tencent, Platinum Games was offered an acquisition by the giant Microsoft. This information is obtained from the account Twitter Brad Sams who is one of the popular insider of Microsoft products.

Platinum Games Was Offered Acquisition by Microsoft

It seems that Platinum Games has rejected the acquisition offer. This is quite reasonable considering that Microsoft was considered to have killed a large PG project a few years ago, namely Scalebound. In addition, Xbox itself is only popular among the west, while for the Asian region it is still less popular than Sony and Nintendo.

Seeing the dimming of Xbox exclusives in this generation, Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to repeat the mistakes on Xbox Series X. This is evidenced by aggressively in 2022 Microsoft has acquired a lot of independent studios such as Double Fine, Compulsion Games, Ninja Theory, Inxile Entertainment, Obsidian Games and Playground Games.

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