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Participate in Point Blank Event, Fun and Prizes!

If you like playing Point Blank, don’t miss the various events held by Zepetto Interactive Indonesia, the manager of the Point Blank server specifically for Indonesia. There are several regular events held, some are incidental. In addition to making the game more exciting and challenging, you will also get lots of prizes if you meet the requirements or win the competition.

Not only that, following Point Blank events can be an arena to get acquainted with other players. Point Blank is not just a game, but has become a community forum for fans games, especially FPS genre games (first person shooter).

Latest Point Blank Events

zapetto point blank event

Anything Latest Point Blank event organized by Zepetto in Indonesia? Just check the information here.

As the name implies, this event is held weekly on a regular basis. So, in a month you can follow the Weekly Event 4-5 times. What can be done in the Weekly Event?

First, you can join the Attendance program. The activities you have to do are on line every day during the event period. If you successfully complete the challenge, you will get various rewards interesting things, such as Star Spray, Water Bomb, and various other accessories that can make the game more exciting.

Second, there is something called Login Time. Here, you only need to login with your account for 100 minutes to get rewards every day. However, time login must be between 11.00 WIB and 15.00 WIB. Don’t forget to note the time, OK!

Third, Play Time, namely playing without breaking for 30, 80, or 120 minutes. The prizes are tempting and are given in packages.

Fourth, also take part in the opportunity to increase the amount of Exp earned. Programs held for example Crazy Weekend Extra. You can enjoy 200% Boost Exp and 200% Points if you play on Saturday and Sunday at 12.00-16.00 WIB and 20.00-23.00 WIB.

Another program is Thanks God Its Friday. You can get an Exp boost of up to 200% if you follow the event every Friday from October 2-30 2022 at 13.00-16.00 WIB.

Fifth, GM Attack, namely playing with GM in Shotgun Death Match mode with the Breakdown map. Win or lose, Troopers will get rewards interesting.

One of Point Blank Zepetto event in Indonesia is the Hangul Day Event which will be held on October 9, 2022 at 13.30 WIB to 15.00 WIB. This event was held in order to improve relations between South Korea and Indonesia by participating in commemorating Hangul Day, which is the day of the creation of the original Korean alphabet.

Participants who have participated in this event will receive rewards in the form of two Redeem Code point blanks that can be claimed in the game. However, this code will appear in the form of multiple sections. So, the task of the player is to solve and collect the code.

Those of you who just created an ID can also benefit greatly by following Point Blank events specials such as Crazy Rank Up 2. If you participate, there are prizes that you can get if you level up. So, players are encouraged to be more enthusiastic about increasing the level of rank in Point Blank.

You can also play bingo at the Bingo Match Event held by Zepetto. Nude events spooky it will be held on October 6, 2022 to November 2, 2022. However, before playing in Bingo Match, you must first collect a number of coins by completing missions.

The benefits you can get if you win are very many. Points earned from playing can be exchanged for Point Blank accessories at the Regular Shop and Shop Packages. Not only that, there’s a chance to get instant rewards in the Mega Deal.

In addition to weekly events, you can also take part in monthly events at Point Blank. This is a Clan Event or play with friends clan. Here you can test the cohesiveness of the team and together become clan strongest in Point Blank.

There are two types events in it, namely the Clan Medal and Clan Mission. Clan Medal is a program to get medals clan by each member clan. Clan Mission is the clan must complete the mission that has been determined to get rewards.

How to Join the Point Blank Event

2020 point blank event

How to participate in events organized by Point Blank? It’s easy, you just need to follow the latest information, either from the website, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, or YouTube.

After that, fulfill various predetermined requirements, such as the specified period, activities to be carried out, and other conditions. Some events also include special rules, for example for events clanparticipants must be members of a clan.

However, in general the participants are expected to play in a sporting manner. If cheating is found, the prize may be cancelled.

Point Blank Event Prize

latest point blank event
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There are events that offer prizes even if participants do not win a competition, for example Attendance or Login Time events. However, there are also prizes given based on the victory over the competition. Another thing to know is rewards that will be accepted may change at any time.

To claim rewards, you also have to follow the applicable regulations, yes. Usually there is a special time limit for claims or additional requirements that must be met to be able to enjoy rewards the.

For those of you who want to get and enjoy rewards from Point Blank, the tips are to be diligent in participating in the events being held. Then, do the competition honestly. Don’t forget to pay attention to the detailed requirements so you can play more effectively.

Well, here are some Point Blank events complete with methods and prizes that you can get if you follow it. Are you ready to play now?

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