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Pakistan Banned PUBG because it is considered a waste of time

Recently the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was reported to have temporarily banned the game PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battleground. The three PUBG variants, namely PUBG Steam, PUBG Lite, and PUBG Mobile, were banned in the country.

They also made a statement which was also informed through their official Twitter account.

The content is stating that PUBG spends a lot of productive time. In addition, this game also has a negative impact on children’s psychology. Several other institutions who did not agree tried to straighten out the PTA’s view on this policy. Moreover, PTA is the highest institution like Kominfo in Indonesia.

It is not yet clear whether the PTA has changed its mind or is still sticking with the policy of banning PUBG in the country. Let’s wait for further news regarding the news of this game blocking.

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