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Overwatch Will Present Crossplay Feature!

In 2022, Blizzard Entertainment officially launched Overwatch for various platforms. Although it is available on different platforms, Overwatch does not support crossplay.

This prevents players on different platforms from meeting each other. Of course this reap the pros and cons among the fans. The crossplay feature is indeed very helpful for players to meet each other.

Overwatch brings Crossplay feature!

However it is quite difficult to balance the player with the mouse and the keyboard with the controller. However, not a few developers took a decision to unify all these platforms in the same place.

This is what Blizzard Entertainment is trying to do with Overwatch. In the midst of the news about the presence of Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment certainly did not forget this first game.

Not available for competitive mode!

Overwatch Will Present Crossplay Feature
Overwatch | Hybrid

Aaron Keller as Game Director of Overwatch has announced that they will be presenting a feature crossplay in Overwatch after a long time. This feature will be coming soon to the game after 5 years since it was first released.

Players on PC will be able to meet players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Along with this, they will also be giving away Golden Loot Boxes to players when this feature is released.

We need to remind you that this feature will not be available for competitive mode. You can now play Overwatch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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