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One World Will Also Release on PlayStation 4!

Some time ago, Natsume announced the arrival of the latest Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: One World, on the Nintendo Switch. Well, recently they also announced that the game is confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 4 console as well.

Of course this is good news for PlayStation 4 gamers. Harvest Moon: One World will tell the story of a city that does not have plants, as a player you have to explore the world in search of plants to restore the condition of the city. In addition, later you can also visit new locations such as a beautiful beach called Halo Halo to the snow mountains of Salmiakki.

Harvest Moon: One World also comes with a new gameplay system and engine. Well, hopefully with the presence of the latest series developed directly by Natsume, it can meet the expectations of gamers, fans of Harvest Moon.

Just information, Harvest Moon: One World slated for release this fall on Switch and PlayStation 4.

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