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Odette Mobile Legends, The Swan Princess Who Has a Deadly Song

Presence Odette Mobile Legends in games Moonton’s moba is quite interesting. Because, hero A female mage who is usually described as a tomboy and spooky, Odette Mobile Legends costume just like a royal princess.

However, who would have thought, behind the feminine appearance, Odette has a strength that the opponent is afraid of. He also has wands in both hands to perform basic attacks.

What is the story of Odette’s journey to have the highest power? Here is the full discussion.

The Story of Odette Who Takes Care of Lancelot

odette mobile legends wallpaper

Odette Mobile Legends story starting from an area located south of Moniyan. The area looks like a sapphire in the middle of the misty mountains. The sapphire is called Swan Lake. Right by the lake, there is the Swan Palace.

The Swan Palace was built by the Regina family. It is said that this family fled from the imperial capital to escape political conflict to a lake. Then, they built a palace shaped like a swan.

Time elapsed; Odette was born as the 13th generation. At the birth of the princess, a flock of geese entered the palace grounds. The swans pay their respects to Princess Odette.

Odette’s daughter grew up; she became a beautiful woman with a charming smile. Because of this, many people thought of her as a goddess in human form.

The princess is admired even more when she masters magical magic. However, the admiration of many people was not able to remove the loneliness in Princess Odette’s heart. Until one day, he met Lancelot.

Lancelot and Odette meet for the first time by the lake. At that time, Lancelot’s body was covered with wounds. Odette finds him unconscious. Then, the princess helped Lancelot and nursed him until he recovered.

Starting from there, the seeds of love between Lancelot and Odette grew. Throughout Odette Mobile Legends adventurethe love of the two becomes its own strength when facing enemies on the battlefield.

Build Items Best for Hero Odette

odette mobile legends skin

magic hero Odette grows even more when paired with some items. Here are some kinds Odette Mobile Legends build which you can use.

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots grants 40+ Movement Speed ​​and +15 Magical PEN. Items this helps Odette catch up with opponents, run, and rotate quickly. In addition, Arcane Boots also make damage skills Odette is getting maximum.

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand is items which can improve magic power Odette. If the enemy is hit damage items this, effect burn can appear for three seconds. In fact, the enemy can be eliminated if hit by the Glowing Wand in a dying condition.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon provides additional attributes of +75 Magic Power and +300 Mana. These two attributes make Sang hero able to last a long time during war. Besides that, hero get 10% reduction so that skillshis cooldown faster.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings is items Final Magic Power of hero Mage. Function items is increase damage magic Odette. The hero can also give magical damage deadly until the enemy is eliminated.

Holy Crystal

If you want Odette to have the highest Magic Power, Holy Crystal is the best choice. It was because the Holy Crystal was able to increase damage significantly. Even, damage increases as the sang level increases hero.

Divine Glaive

For only 1,970, you can pin items Divine Glaive for hero Odette. Excess items this, which is to give +65 Magic Power attribute with damage hurt.

Not only that, Divine Glaive also has Unique Passive +40 Magic PEN. Cool, this item gives a unique bonus effect of up to 30% when HP reaches 70% and above.

Enchanted Talisman

Magic Power and Cooldown are the two powers that Odette needs the most. For this reason, the Enchanted Talisman is a mandatory item for the hero. Enchanted Talisman can increase 50 Magic Power and 20% Cooldown Reduction.

If you need additional HP, items this can add up to 250 HP. The passive of the Enchanted Talisman also makes Odette more efficient in Mana. The reason is, every 10 seconds there is a 10% Mana regeneration on hero Odette.

Skills Hero Odette Hurts

odette mobile legends skills

When playing hero Odette, make sure you take advantage too skillsit to the maximum. The following skills Odette who has damage hurt.

Skills 1

Skills 1 Odette is Avian Authority with high Cooldown. Utility skills this is for cleaning minion quickly. In addition, Avian Authority helps farming in a short time. You can do too spam skills this is because it has cost Mana is relatively low.

Skills 2

Blue Nova is Odette’s 2nd skill that is capable of producing energy projectiles to create magic damage in one second. Blue Nova can also provide a short binding effect.

If the energy projectile from Blue Nova hits the target, the enemy can split into two. This effect also applies when the energy projectile reaches its maximum distance.

Skills 3

Odette’s 3rd skill is called Swan Song. Damage given is quite painful with effect slow maximum. However, be careful; skills it is easily stopped by Crowd Control when channeling.

Passive Skill

Lakeshore Ambience or skills 3 gives the effect of sound waves bouncing between opponents. This effect results in +50% Magic Power. If it’s in the grass, the effect can hit Natalia.

Advantages and disadvantages Hero Odette

odette mobile legends pictures

Same as hero On the other hand, Odette also has its own advantages. Here are some advantages hero Odette.

  • Hero damage getting bigger as the opponent increases so it is suitable for use in the team war.
  • Odette belongs to hero which is quite easy to use in games mobile legends.
  • Burst damage area relatively large so it often gets penta kill teamfight and quadra.
  • have a lot crowd control skills so that Odette’s power is able to lock and kill the opponent. In fact, Odette became really tough when solo kill.

Despite having many advantages, you should also be aware of the following Odette’s weaknesses.

  • It doesn’t have a blurring mechanism so the movement seems less agile.
  • Ultimate skill damage Odette is vulnerable with Crowd Control.
  • The ult is easy to dodge because Odette doesn’t have any movement abilities for skills it runs.
  • To get Odette, you have to pay quite a lot.
  • Even though he is considered great, Odette still relies on the Tank and Fighter teams as a backup.

That’s a brief review about Odette Mobile Legends. With all the advantages, itemsas well as skills Odette has, the easier the game is for you to win. Come on, get it soon Odette Mobile Legends skin the best!

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