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Octane Will Get Buff During Lost Treasures Event

Soon it looks like there will be a lot of new Octane players.

In this new update, Apex Legends is holding an event called Lost Treasures for season 5 of the game. At this event, a new heirloom was presented and some old content returned.

But this event will not only present the new content above, because Octane will be the next target of Respawn Entertainment’s balancing on Apex Legends.

Octane is one of the characters Apex Legends which was released in March 2022 ago which has decent capabilities. But for some reason, his ability actually makes Octane one of the weakest legends compared to the others. Through the Season 5 patch notes, Respawn has reduced its jump pad cooldown from 90 seconds to 60 seconds. However, they admitted that this was only the initial stage of the update that they had succeeded in pursuing. In other words, the 23rd will be the second stage of the update.

This battle royal game with excellent graphic quality can be played on PS 4 or PC. Respawn will also plan to release the game on Steam and Nintendo Switch this fall.

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