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OBS is Officially Coming to the Steam Platform

Everyone will choose steam in the end. If you say that this is a game then you are wrong. Because recently the most popular stream and record application OBS landed for Steam.

What is OBS? In short, OBS is an application that is used to record your screen, be it for streaming or for video recording.

So what is the difference between the steam version and the usual one, the answer is no. There are no other features, except you have to open Steam for the Steam version.

On the other hand, using OBS on Steam, of course, will use your hardware performance a bit to open Steam in the background. In fact, almost all digital games need an application to open it (Call it Epic Games, Origin, Ubisoft and even Steam).

It should also be underlined that for the Steam version, update problems do not need to be reminded again as before and download manually. Like those on Steam, applications that have updates will automatically update immediately.

OBS itself also explained a little about why it included this application on Steam. This is said to be due to requests from many users, because OBS users never open Steam.

If you ask how about the settings you have on OBS before. Is it reset or not? The answer is no, because your save settings directory will be called by the Steam version of OBS.

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But remember before installing OBS Steam and opening it and knowing the settings in the old OBS you have entered. Don’t uninstall your OBS just in case. Because OBS still doesn’t support Cloud systems.

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