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Not Released, Cheats for Battlefield 2042 Are Sold Online

First announced a few months ago, Battlefield 2042 is still a hot topic for gamers. Especially when you know that the game will be ready to launch this coming October.

DICE as the developer continues to provide the latest information regarding their game. This of course makes fans even more impatient to play the game.

Battlefield 2042 release!

Not Released Cheats For Battlefield 2042 Are Sold Online 1 2
Battlefield 2042 | IGN

As of now about two months away we can enjoy a variety of content, features and gameplay from Battlefield 2042. This game will fully support competitive multiplayer elements.

Talking about this, don’t be surprised later that we will find users of illegal programs in it like other multiplayer games. Call it like Call of Duty: Warzone.

The presence of cheaters in games like this has become commonplace. Usually this cheat will be available a few weeks after the release of the game. But something different happened to Battlefield 2042.

Not released yet, Cheat Battlefield 2042 is on sale online!

Not Released Cheats For Battlefield 2042 Are Sold Online
Battlefield 2042 Cheats – Hacks | IWantCheats

Where, not really released, now the cheat or hack for Battlefield 2042 has been sold online on the internet. True, Battlefield 2042 itself is planned to be released in October.

According to a report from Charlie Intel, a website called IWantCheats claims to have cheats available for purchase for the game. On their website, they explain the various features that will be available later.

There are many well-known features already available, even though the game hasn’t actually been released yet. IWantCheats claims that their cheats will not be detected by the system and are safe to use.

Furthermore, it is also known that currently there are around 1.2 million registered users ready to buy the Battlefield 2042 cheat. Of course this is quite bad news for DICE, if this is true.

Battlefield 2042 itself is scheduled to be released on October 22 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and also PC. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: Gamerant

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