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Not Everyone Knows, This is the Secret to Use Fanny Mobile Legend to be Pro

Are you a fan of mobile legends? If so, then you must be familiar with some of the heroes and skills that have been widely used. In mobile legend itself there are many different heroes which you can use to start a game. One of the most widely used heroes and a favorite of many people is Fanny. What is fanny? In short, Fanny is a mobile legends assassin hero who has a unique characteristic where he uses a medium in the form of a long rope as a tool he uses to fight. Many people have named the hero with the name of the anime entitled attack on titan. Then, what exactly is fanny mobile legend? How to play? And what are some tips and tricks you can do so you can win the game you start? Here is a complete explanation of the questions above. You can listen to the information below.

What’s that fanny mobile legend?

how to use fanny mobile legendAs already mentioned above if this fanny is one of the heroes in mobile legend. This hero has its own characteristics from other heroes, namely using a long rope as a medium of combat equipment, both to move places quickly or to attack enemies in locations far from where he is. Fanny is a woman who was born with big dreams, so she keeps dreaming and is never pessimistic about being able to fly in her own way. Isn’t it great the philosophy behind this one hero? Therefore, in order to make his dream come true, Fanny created a creative and unique tool in the form of a steel rope that serves as a hook. Fanny is also known as a woman who is diligent, tough, and also never menorah. With Fanny’s persistence, this hero is also admired by many people and has started to use it to compete in mobile legends. This girl who can fly also has a famous name, namely the blade of freedom. Isn’t this one cool hero?

How to play fanny mobile legend

fanny on mobile legend1. Memorize the position of the wall

The first way you have to do when you want to play this hero is to memorize the position of the wall. So that you can move quickly and immediately kill your enemies, then you must first memorize all the wall positions on the mobile legends map. So, you can first study the map structure of all existing locations and start remembering them well.

2. Learn the stealth cable fanny skill

How to use the second fanny mobile legend is that you have to learn how to steal the fanny cable skill. This fanny hero does depend on the cable skill he has. So you have to be able to use this skill well. That way you can attack quickly the enemy you face. For example, you can use 2-3-1-2 skills. So you can easily learn this important skill and use it well.

3. Fanny mobile legends must often farm

The next way so that you can play this fanny well is to do farming. This fanny hero really needs a buff so you also have to do farming often so you can be superior in gold issues. Because this fanny hero is very easy to move quickly, then you can do farming very easily. Usually the pro method used by professional mobile legends is to always try to use buffs so that your energy will not run out quickly and you can kill as many monsters as there are. Don’t forget to clear lane regularly so that your gold can increase quickly.

4. Using the best items

The next way you can try to do is to use the best items. For this item problem, maybe you can see examples of some fanny users in the global top so that the reference you use is a reference to the composition of the items above. Usually, the items for fanny mobile legends that you must use are tooth of greed, wind chaser, blade armor, antenna shield, and others. For this item, you can freely choose but must still adjust to the enemy you are fighting. So you can start exploring again and again. Remember, you have to use the best items.

5. Pay attention to the stamina of the mobile legend fanny

The way that is no less important for you to pay attention to is the stamina of the fanny hero you are using. You must always make sure how well your hero’s stamina is. Fanny is one of the heroes who is hungry for stamina or energy and if your hero runs out of stamina, then you are ready to become a land fanny. It is this stamina management that you must understand well and start learning to manage. That way, you can easily win matches and become a pro player.

6. Don’t be afraid to enter

Usually, once or twice, this fanny hero player is afraid to try to enter into a fight. In fact, you don’t need to be afraid because you can take advantage of the sustain and also the vamp spell that your fanny mobile legend hero has. Even if you have used both of these elements, then your fanny hero can be very scary. Fanny in this mobile legend does look normal maybe from the outside, but if you have learned the skills, then this hero can be a pretty deadly attack during a fight.

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