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Not Abandoned, Titanfall Server Managed by 2 Persons

It’s no secret that knowing Respawn Entertainment’s name began to be known by fans because of Titanfall. That’s right, before Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall was indeed Respawn Entertainment’s IP.

Since the great success of Apex Legends in the last few years, the name Titanfall has been sinking from the surface. This cannot be separated from Respawn Entertainment, which is no longer focused on the franchise.

The future of Titanfall

Not Abandoned Titanfall Server Managed By 2 People
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Even though not a few fans are waiting for the presence of the latest entry from the franchise. But instead of developing the latest Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment chose to focus on other projects.

Respawn Entertainment’s decision to let Titanfall disappointed fans and took various ways to protest this. This protest was carried out, of course, so that Respawn did not leave the IP that raised their name just like that.

Titanfall is managed by only 2 people!

Talking about this, recently Respawn Entertainment has responded to this fan’s protest. They said that Titanfall didn’t just leave and it was still being taken care of, but with minimal staff.

Jason Garza as Community Coordinator of Respawn Entertainment said that Respawn was trying to stop DDoS attacks from fans, but could not provide further details.

He said that most teams from Respawn Entertainment have now switched to Apex Legends. They would still take care of Titanfall, but only have one or two people for it.

Apart from that, until now there has been no information regarding the latest entry from Titanfall. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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