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Nintendo Switch Now Presents "Add Folder" Feature to Make it Easy for Gamers

Nintendo Switch is indeed a handheld console that is loved by many gamers, the ease of access and can be played at any time are some of the reasons why the Nintendo Switch is so widely chosen by gamers as a means of playing.

Recently, Nintendo seems to want to make gamers feel more comfortable playing on its platform.

With the latest Nintendo Switch update, it now allows gamers to organize their games into folders, something that many Switch gamers have wanted since the Nintendo console was first released.

Previously, gamers might find it difficult when they wanted to find the game they wanted to play.

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Gamers can only sort games by the last time they played, how long they played it, alphabetically, or by game publisher.

However, the presence of this feature can certainly make it very easy for gamers to be able to organize their game collections through a folder.

Although this is a small update, it certainly has a big impact for gamers who don’t want to be complicated when choosing games to play on the Switch.

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