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New Season of PUBG Mobile C2S6 Share 9 Free Permanent Skins

Thursday (19/5) PUBG Mobile enters a new season that will start a new journey for players to be ranked. The following is information regarding the new season of PUBG Mobile C2S6 (Cycle 2 Season 6) which provides 9 free permanent skins.

Currently PUBG Mobile has ended the C2S5 season by starting with an update to version 2.0. Now new features and content have arrived in this realistic battle royale game to welcome the new season.

New Season of PUBG Mobile C2S6 Share 9 Free Permanent Skins

PUBG Mobile has officially entered its newest season, Cycle 2 Season 6 ( C2S6 ), which takes place from 19 May – to 18 July 2022.

While feeling the excitement of the latest mode " Core Circle " collaboration PUBG MOBILE X EVANGELION which is present at Erangel and Livik, players can show their skills with the highest push rank so they can claim lots of free prizes.

Here are 9 exclusive skins that you can get permanently and for free at C2S6 rank!

1. C2S6 settings

The first permanent prize available this season is the C2S6 Set. The condition is, that players only need to reach a minimum of Gold rank and finish the game by entering the top ten ranks 5 times.

2. C2S6 Glasses Skin

The first permanent skin that players can get for free is C2S6 Glasses. The method is very easy, players only need to reach a minimum of Platinum rank and play at least 5 games at that rank.

3. Skin Parachute C2S6

In addition to C2S6 Glasses, players who successfully reach a minimum of Platinum V rank can also claim a prize in the form of a C2S6 Parachute. This parachute skin is available in the Event Shop and can be claimed by exchanging 1800 Season Tokens.

4. Skin Senjata C2S6 MG3

Diamond rank is the next challenge for players who have passed the Platinum rank. If successful, players will be rewarded with the exclusive C2S6 MG3 skin.

As in the previous challenge, players must first play 5 times in this rank before being able to claim the prize.

5. Skin Masker C2S6

C2S6 Mask is an exclusive skin that is only owned by great players who managed to reach Ace rank this season. There are also other additional prizes, namely C2S6 Ace Title, Name Tag, and special team-up effects.

6. Skin C2S6 Cover

Ace Master is one of the highest ranks in PUBG MOBILE which is of course very difficult to achieve.

If you successfully complete this challenge, players will get a C2S6 Cover skin prize , as well as additional prizes for C2S6 Ace Master Title, Name Tag, and team-up special effects.

7. Skin Cycle 2 Cover

Entering the end of CYCLE 2 , the players who reached Diamond rank in C2S4 and C2S5 will soon finish their long struggle in C2S6. Because exclusive prizes will await those who can reach Diamond rank for 3 consecutive seasons.

Like the previous two seasons, players who manage to reach the minimum Diamond rank in C2S6 will not only get an MG3 skin prize, but also a Diamond Medal. Collect Diamond Medals C2S4 , C2S5 , and C2S6 to exchange for the Mythic CYCLE 2 Cover skin.

8. Cycle Settings 2

If the player has managed to reach the Diamond rank for 3 consecutive seasons, then the next challenge is to reach the Crown rank.

Get the Mythic CYCLE 2 Set skin by collecting 3 Crown Medals obtained from C2S4 , C2S5 , and C2S6.

9. Skin Cycle 2 Hoverboard

Few PUBG MOBILE players in the world can get exclusive CYCLE 2 Hoverboard rewards.

The reason is, that players are challenged to reach Ace rank for 3 consecutive seasons, which of course requires skill and commitment.

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