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New ML Hero Known to Troubleshoot Opponents

This time Mobile Legend has a hero tank A new man named Atlas who is known to have unique abilities. Playing with Atlas is a bit difficult and tricky. So, to create an effective game, first get acquainted with the background, weaknesses & strengths, as well as playing tips Mobile Legend Atlas here, come on!

The story of Atlas Mobile Legend, Lord of the Seas in the Land of Dawn

mobile legends atlas combo

Abysmal is the name of the ocean in the Land of Dawn which was cursed by the power of the Ancient One which caused this location to be the most mysterious, dark, cold, high pressure, and strong current place. This condition is the reason why no humans have explored the Abysmal Sea yet.

Even though it is known as a dangerous life zone, there are still strong creatures that can adapt in the Abysmal Sea, one of which is Atlas. One day there was a war on land that made the conditions of the Abysmal Sea even more extreme. Inevitably, Atlas must rack his brain to break the Ancient One’s curse so he can return to the mainland.

Long story short, Atlas found a set of armor named Mecha Centry at the bottom of the ocean. At that time Mecha Centry was not functioning because it lost its control core. Not giving up, Atlas entered the engine center to repair it until this war tool was active again.

After that Atlas used Mecha Centry as a shell and managed to break through the Ancient One’s curse. While on the mainland he began to learn about the world and found information regarding a magical item that could break the Ancient One’s curse.

Determined to save his friends who are struggling to escape from the Abysmal prison, Atlas has a mission to travel to the northern valley in order to snatch the object from a pirate. So that’s it Mobile Legend Atlas storythe hero known as the ruler of the seas in the Land of Dawn.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Atlas ML

atlas mobile legends build

For those of you who don’t know the characteristics of the Atlas hero, here is information regarding its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Labeled as a good initiator tank hero
  2. Have Crowd Control tall
  3. Combo Skillis known to be deadly
  4. Easy to do Roaming and Rotation
  5. Ideal for doing ganking


  1. Has a high level of difficulty so players need to practice repeatedly to control it. That’s why this hero is not suitable for beginners.
  2. The quality of the damage produced is relatively small
  3. Atlas mobility is known to be sluggish
  4. Quality Durability Atlas is not as superior as other tank heroes
  5. Attack ultimate generated is easily dodged by the opponent

How to Play Atlas Mobile Legend

atlas mobile legends skills

Just knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Atlas hero does not necessarily make you win in the match. You also have to know how to play it. Here’s a play guide Mobile Legend Atlas.

1. Find Out How To Use Skillshis

The first tip is to take advantage of skillsit as best as possible. Mobile Legend Atlas skills consists of Frigid Breath (skills passive), annihilate (skills 1), Perfect Match (skills 2), and Fatal Links (skills ultimate).

To destroy the opponent, do spam combo skills 1 and 2. Thus the resulting explosion skills 1 will give damage twice as big and at the same time you can lock the enemy using abilities stun from skills 2.

Next guide mix it up skills 2 and skills ultimate to lock the enemy. Keep in mind, actually skills 2 is not only used to defend but can also be combined with skills ultimate. As a result, Atlas is able to give annoyance to the enemy in the form of an effect knock up and slow.

2. Choose Atlas Mobile Legend Build Best Items

The next tip is to choose the best item. For Atlas heroes there are several build which you can use, including Shadow Mask, Cursed Helmet, Antique Cuirass, Courage Mask, and Warrior Boots.

By using Shadow Mask, Atlas can play superior in early games. Because this item is able to increase movement speedmax HP, and cooldown reduction. On the other hand Shadow Mask offers a disappearing mode for a few seconds.

Cursed Helmet provides a passive effect that can give damage to the enemy every second. This item also plays a role in increasing max HP and magic resistance capable of minimizing magic damage from the opponent.

Antique Cuirass can be used to upgrade physical armor, max HP, HP regenerationas well as physical defense. At the same time this item is able to reduce damage enemy attack that Atlas received.

Technically, Courage Mask can add +700 HP, additional attribute +25 Movement Speedand +10% Cooldown Reduction. Courage Mask can also increase magic attack and physical attack Atlas.

Known as magic boots, Warrior Boots can give +22 Physical Defense while adding attributes movement speed. The passive effect produced by this item is also unique, that is, every Atlas receives basic attackso physical defenseit will increase by 5 to 25.

3. Master Battle Spell

Besides skills and build items, players also need to master a number of battle spells Atlas. Anything?

  • Sprint – If you want your hero to be immune to the effects slow for a few seconds, battle spells Sprints can be used. More than that, Sprint will help Atlas improve movement speed-his. When players are reluctant to use battle spells Flicker, they used to switch to Sprint.
  • Flicker – To launch Atlas Mobile Legend combos, you can use Flicker. Flicker is also effective for escaping and chasing enemies.

4. Help Hero Core by doing Zoning

Do zoning use skills 2 so you can protect the hero core who is doing farming. If you want to repay your opponent’s HP, please use it skills 1 with effects slow Which produced from skills passive.

5. Take Initiation to Get Started war

The last tip is to approach the enemy, then use skills ultimate to lock up opponents and throw them at your teammates in order to give damage addition.

This is information about Mobile Legend Atlas, the newest hero known to be able to trouble the enemy. Now it’s time to put the guidelines reviewed above into practice. Happy playing, good luck!

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