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NetEase Interested in Buying Quantic Dream?

There is no doubt about Quantic Dream’s action. Their ability to mix a game has been proven through the various IPs they have developed. Finally, there is the name Detroit: Become Human which is currently available on various platforms.

A game with stunning visuals and a solid story. This kind of ability makes Quantic Dream ogled by many people. Including several companies that are interested in owning them.

NetEase is interested in buying Quantic Dream

Netease Interested in Buying Quantic Dream
Detroit Become Human

True, there are many companies that want to make Quantic Dream a part of them. One of them is NetEase. That’s right, recently there has been news saying that NetEase is interested in owning the full Quantic Dream.

For those of you who don’t know, NetEase itself currently owns a 20% stake in Quantic Dream. Now, there is news that they are interested in owning the studio in total, aka 100%.

Via the site Explorer, currently NetEase and Quantic Dream are in talks for months. Although until now it is not clear whether NetEase will actually become the new owner of Quantic Dream or not.

Both NetEase and Quantic Dream have not announced anything regarding this purchase. We will provide you with new information regarding this when it becomes available. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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