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Must Have, Here Are the Details of the M14 Free Fire Weapon

One of the weapons that you can use when playing in Free Fire is the M14. Free Fire weapon type Assault Rifle (AR) this has rate of fire in the middle position. The accuracy is quite high even when used from a distance. For those of you who need a weapon with stable performance, M14 Free Fire is the right choice.

Getting to know the M14 Free Fire Weapon

m14 ff senjata weapon

Even though it belongs to the group Assault RifleM14 is often also referred to as Sniping Rifle pseudo. This is because players can shoot from a distance while being able to take advantage of abilities full auto as weapons generally offer Assault Rifle.

To give damage what hurts more, M14 Free Fire can be combined with several attachments weapons, such as muzzlesilencer, magazine, foregripand scope. Scope is attachments which makes the M14 weapon more similar to a weapon sniper.

Advantages and Disadvantages of M14

m14 free fire weapon

When viewed from the statistics, the advantages of the M14 weapon lies in the damage produced, the range of fire, and the accuracy of the shot. This is the main point favored by the M14.

Damage a large must-have weapon used to attack. Thus, it will be easier for players to overthrow the enemy. Combined with a long shooting range and high accuracy, the weapon’s ability to defeat the enemy is extraordinary.

Taking advantage of these advantages, players can attack enemies suddenly. This strategy will make the enemy instantly defenseless because the shot produces damage the big one.

On the other hand, the drawbacks of M14 lie in magazine the small one is at number 15. Reload speed also not so fast that players have to consider carefully when going to attack. Both of these can be dangerous, especially if the player is in the middle of a siege and runs out of ammo.

Comparison of M14 with Other Weapons

how to use the m14 free fire weapon

Before choosing a weapon to use, you need to consider its strength. You can also compare it first with other types of weapons so that you can make the right choice.

1. M14 and SKS

M14 Free Fire can also be compared with other weapons of the same type, namely SKS Free Fire. Both are reliable, especially over long distances. Although it can be used at close range, it takes skills above average in order to defeat the enemy.

in terms of range, SKS Free Fire is arguably slightly superior. Likewise with damage generated, M14 is under SKS. Both are equal in aspect reload speed which is not very fast. This is quite reasonable because the M14 and SKS are more precisely aimed at shooting targets at far distances.

The advantages of the M14 from the SKS lie in the magazine and accuracy. Although relatively small, magazine the M14 is still better than the SKS. Likewise, the level of accuracy of shots, you can rely on the M14 weapon.

2. M14 and M60

Weapon type Assault Rifle the other is the M60. The advantage of the M60 lies in its magazine which is quite large. As is well known, the condition magazine is a weakness possessed by the M14. In addition, the M60 is also slightly superior in rate of fire nor reload speed although not very significant.

However, the M14 is superior in terms of accuracy and range of fire. Therefore, for those of you who want to use an attacking strategy from a distance, the M14 remains the main choice over the M60.

M14 Weapon Skin

skin m14 ff

Skins M14 FF not only makes the appearance of the weapon look different, but also adds status so that the weapon becomes stronger. For the M14 FF weapon, here skin best to choose from.

1. M14 Skyline Horizon

To get this skin, you can buy it at the Armory Shop for 35 Diamonds. Skins This blue-looking weapon can provide damage extra on the M14 which is already huge. However, skin The M14 Skyline Horizon can also slightly reduce the accuracy of shots.

2. M14 Lively Beast

The price of the M14 Lively Beast skin is the same as skin M14 Skyline Horizon, which is 35 Diamonds. Skins it can improve rate of fire on a mediocre M14. You can be more relieved because the accuracy of the shot is not reduced. However, skin M14 Lively Beast can reduce ammunition capacity which has no effect for long range combat.

3. M14 Winterlands

Use skin M14 Winterlands to get upgrades rate of fire on this weapon. Unlike the M14 Lively Beast, you have to sacrifice a little the accuracy of your shots. However, damage produced is still the same as the M14 Free Fire weapon.

4. M14 Vandal Revolt

Superiority skin M14 Vandal Revolt is adding damage and accuracy of fire on the weapon. However, the reload speed will be reduced. Same as M14 Lively Beast, reduced reload speed considered to have less effect on weapon performance when used at long distances.

How to Use M14

weapon capability m14

In order to be more optimal in producing damage on the enemy, there are several ways to use the M14 weapon, namely:

1. Pay attention to the distance with the enemy

Possessing weapon-like abilities sniper, the M14 should be used for long range shooting. This is done to generate damage optimal. Besides that, you also need to keep your distance from the enemy because reload speed slow weapon and magazine the small one.

2. Choose a strategic position

When shooting, make sure you are in a strategic position. We recommend that you choose a hidden position so that you can freely shoot enemies and not be caught quickly. If caught and engaged in close combat, you could run into trouble.

3. Complete the second weapon slot

In Free Fire, you can also equip yourself with a second weapon slot as a precaution. For example, since the M14 is only effective at long range, choose another type of weapon such as the Scar to protect yourself at close range. When the enemy is likely to approach, immediately replace the weapon with the second slot.

Well, here’s a brief review of the M14 Free Fire weapon that you need to know. Before using it, make sure you have done top up first through UniPin in order to buy Diamonds. That way, you can use weapons optimally.

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