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MPL Upper Bracket Subscribe, These 3 Teams Prove Invincibility Games

Here are 3 teams that have proven themselves to be frequent customers of Upper Bracket MPL

Regular Season MPL ID Season 9 ended with two Upper Bracket teams namely, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC. On the other hand, the two teams that are not certain to qualify for the playoffs are Geek Fam and Rebellion Zion.

Seeing their history on the professional stage of Mobile Legends, especially MPL, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC and EVOS Legends became the three teams that consistently won tickets to the Upper bracket in the playoffs..

Even though they don’t always play consistently, these three teams can show their dominance during the MPL event while at the same time being at the top of the playoffs standings.

Not only managed to reach the upper bracket. During MPL’s history, only RRQ Hoshi, ONIC and EVOS Legends won the event.

1. RRQ Hoshi

Since MPL Season 4 ago, RRQ Hoshi has become one of the teams who have subscribed to Upper Bracket 5 times, namely MPL Season 4, MPL Season 5, MPL Season 6, MPL Season 8, MPL and in MPL Season 9. Of the 5 Upper Bracket tickets, RRQ Hoshi managed to become the champion in MPL season 5 and MPL season 6.


The yellow hedgehog team has matured while in MPL. The team is known to have subscribed to the Upper bracket three times in a row from MPL Season 7 to MPL Season 9. After winning MPL Season 3, the yellow hedgehog team also won MPL Season 8.

3. EVOS Legends

Following its two eternal rivals, EVOS Legends became the third team to subscribe to Upper Bracket MPL 2 times. This team’s move in the Upper Bracket was able to bring victory to the white tiger team in the 4th MPL Season and 7th MPL Season.

Compared to 5 other teams in MPL, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC and EVOS Legends are one of the teams that consistently maintain the Upper Bracket in each season.

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