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Movie Cells at Work! Show the Latest Trailer and Visual

The cells will soon return to work. Theatrical film version of Cells at Work! is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on September 5. And now we can see the trailer, visual key, and information about who will be the voice actor.

Movie entitled Tokubetsu Jōei-ban “Hataraku Saibō!!” Saiky no Teki, Futatabi. Karada no Naka wa “Chō” sawagi! will star the original cast from the TV series, plus Yuri Yoshida, Rie Takahashi, Natsumi Fujiwara, and Yurika Kubo as a team of lactic acid bacteria.

For those of you who can’t watch it live in Japan, don’t worry because it looks like this movie is just a special presentation for the second season of the Cells at Work anime!! which will air in January 2022.

Just like the second season, this theatrical film will be directed by Hirofumi Ogura (Black Butler II) at the studio David Production.

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