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Most Wanted PC English

For those of you fans of the Need For Speed ​​franchise, you must be familiar with the name Most Wanted. True, Most Wanted itself is one of the series from the Need For Speed ​​franchise. This game, made by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts, was launched in 2012.

In almost a decade, Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted has been available on various platforms. Almost similar to other NFS series, in Most Wanted you can also use a cheat code in it.

This cheat code allows you to unlock various premium features in the game. In this article, Halogame will give you a collection of Cheat Codes for Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted on the PC platform. Curious? Check below.

Cheats Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC English

Unlock All Carsiammostwanted
Unlock GTO Carsgivemethegto
Unlock Burger King challengesburger king
Get a Ford GT CaCastrol
Earn Moneyletsplay
Unlock BMW M3 GTRgivemegtr
Unlock Corvette C6.Rgivemecorvette
Unlock All Event Challengeseventcomplete
Unlock All Performance Upgrade/Tunningmwperformance
Unlock All Cars (Black Edition)mwunlockcars

Now, That’s the Cheat Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC Language Indonesia. By using the cheat code that we provided above, you can unlock various premium features in Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted such as cars, race tracks and others.

Sources: IDCheat

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