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Most Popular META in Every Season MPL Indonesia Games

Most Effective Tactics Available (META) can be interpreted as the most effective strategy used in MOBA games such as Mobile Legends. The chances of winning are even greater for the team that successfully implements META properly and correctly.

Especially for Mobile Legends, the META used can change quickly along with the patch notes that are often issued by Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends. This patch completely changes the way players and effective heroes are used in the patch.

Mobile Legends players in Indonesia tend to be passive in making META and prefer to follow what the pro players do. This is what makes many METAs in this game born from official tournaments such as MPL Indonesia.

META Mobile Legends itself has existed since the first season of MPL ID. Which META became popular in the top competition in Mobile Legends Indonesia? We’ve summarized it from season 1 to season 9. Here’s the summary

The Shining Assassin – MPL ID Season 1

The first season of MPL Indonesia introduces META Assassin as the most important core in the team. This META is so effective that no hero can catch an agile Assassin like it is today, so Assassin users in season 1 MPL ID really shine.

META is what popularized the names Oura and JessNoLimit. These two EVOS players are very good at using Assassin heroes such as Lancelot and Fanny, so both of them are now Assassin role models.

Two Back-up Cores – MPL ID Season 2

With these two buffs, many teams in MPL ID Season 2 use a two-core strategy. The buff that is shared for the two heroes makes the team have backup damage which is very useful when team fights.

This META also succeeded in making RRQ O2 the champion in MPL Indonesia season 2. The combination of Rooster Rooster and Tuturu was really effective and made RRQ almost invincible.

The Strongest Offlaner – MPL ID Season 3

In this Season, META two Core is still very effective. However, ONIC Esports has a key that other teams don’t have, namely a strong Offlaner.

Antimage is an Offlaner that changes people’s perception of this role. Antimage’s formidable gameplay can defeat opponents and overwhelm them so that they managed to bring ONIC Esports to victory in MPL ID Season 3 without defeat.

Two Cores + Strong Offlaner Become a Great Combination – MPL ID Season 4

MPL ID coaches have combined a strong Core and Offlaner strategy to welcome the first MPL to use this league system. The result is very effective and useful.

ONIC Esports is no longer the strongest, although it still uses the same roster. EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi are the teams that made it to the Grand Finals after successfully combining this META.

EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi have two talented cores. However, EVOS Legends’ Offlaner Oura is much more experienced than REQ Hoshi’s R7, so EVOS won this season’s el clasico.

Hyper Carry Becomes the Prima Donna – MPL ID Season 5

For the first time, Mobile Legends has two buffs with different effects. That’s when Hyper Carry shines in MPL ID season 6 because it is spoiled with two buffs.

No more split buffs that make Hyper Carry very strong in matches. This role, which is now called the jungler, is also effective when you enter a team fight at the right time.

The downside of this META is when the Hyper Carry has to be eliminated early on, it significantly reduces the team’s strength. Therefore, the selection of the other four heroes must be more careful and should not be arbitrary.

Diggie Feeder That Is Haram to Use – MPL ID Season 6

It all started when Rafflesia, one of Aura PH’s players, used the Diggie hero and used it to disrupt his opponent’s core. Diggie with full control when eliminated is very effective at making it difficult for the opponent to move.

This META was successfully implemented by the Indonesian team in MPL ID season 6. With the addition of two supports, this META was avoided by the opposing team. so that hero support becomes a higher number of tires than other roles

Interestingly, in the last match in the Grand Final, neither RRQ Hoshi nor Alter Ego used this META and decided to use tanks as their shields.

META ‘Healing for Everyone’ – MPL ID Season 7

META was also popularized by one of the MPL PH teams, Blacklist International. The combo between Rafaela and Estes can give unlimited healing to team heroes, so their HP doesn’t decrease even in teamfights.

This META is also implemented by MPL Indonesia and is able to trouble anyone against a team that uses this META. In particular, Angela is REKT’s mainstay hero and brought EVOS Legends to victory in MPL ID season 7.

Marksman Shows Off – MPL ID Season 8

MPL ID Season 8 is a season where Marksman gets a massive buff, coupled with the presence of a Gold Lane that allows these Marksmans to farm only from their lane.

So far, heroes like Bruno, Karrie and Claude have always been on the banned list. ONIC Esports was also able to become the MPL ID S8 champion thanks to Popol & Kupa who did an effective one-way split push.

Tank Takes All Lanes – MPL ID Season 9

By giving Marksman a nerf before MPL ID S9, Tank gets his turn to show off after Moonton gives a buff after this kind of hero loses prestige with a Support hero

They not only get buffs on each of their heroes, but some systems in matches such as Spell Retribution actually benefit the Tanks to be able to freely explore in all lanes.

Yes, now tanks can not only be used as roamers, but they can also be deployed as EXP Laners and Junglers. It’s just a matter of which team can maximize this META to become the MPL ID S9 champion.

That’s the popular META in every MPL Indonesia. These METAs are always an example for Mobile Legends players who want to push rank quickly. Do you have a different META than the pro players created? Write in the comments column, yes!

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