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More Satisfied Playing, Here's the Easy Way to Download Free Fire PC!

If you like games battle royal, Free Fire is one of the fun choices to play. The game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and launched by Garena, is available for devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. Although based on mobile, you can play it via computer. The trick is to Download Free Fire on PC.

How to Download Free Fire on PC

download free fire

For those of you who don’t have a cellphone with qualified specifications or just want to experience the experience of playing Free Fire on a PC, you just need to Download Free Fire on PC. Check out the steps in the following description!

Download Emulator

Emulators are mandatory software that you must download if you want to run all Android applications on your PC, including if you want to play Free Fire from your computer. There is a wide selection of emulators available. However, if your goal is to play games, there are three best options: MEMU Play, Nox Player, and BlueStacks. After downloading it, install it on your computer or laptop.

Open Playstore

The next step is to open the Playstore application via the emulator. Don’t forget to enter your Gmail account first.

Search for Free Fire on Playstore and Install

After the Playstore opens, type “Free Fire” in the search field. The steps are exactly the same as when you want toinstall games on mobile. When you find it, click “Install” then wait until the application is ready to play.

How to Play Free Fire on PC

play free fire on pc

After the application is installed, open the emulator then click on the Free Fire logo on the homepage. You usually have to wait updates first. Next, see the steps how to play FF ​​on PC the following!

Login to Account As Usual

If you already have an account, you stay login as usual. You can also log in directly through your Facebook account. Choose your preferred mode—you can guest mode or create a real account. If you choose the second option, there is some information that must be filled in. Make sure you complete it according to the instructions from the emulator you are using.

After logging into the account, immediately click the “Start” button. Here, you will be directed to choose a character including its gender. You can choose the character you like the most to play.

In the main lobby, there are several choices of modes available ranging from Classic mode, Squad, Solo, or Duo Mode. Choose the mode you like, press the “Start” button, and the game is ready to play!

Control Settings Keyboard

keyboard control settings

Unlike games that are played on mobile phones, playing Free Fire on PC requires control settings separately. This setting is made to make it easier for you to use the button keyboard computer or mouse to control the game.

Control settings vary, depending on the emulator you’re using. If you use Bluestack, you can see the settings for each function in the following table!

W, A, S and DMove character
Left click mouseShooting weapons
right click mouseAim
2Changing Main Weapon
3Choosing a Reserve Weapon
4Choosing a Weapon for Melee Attack
5Healing/Using Medical Equipment
RReload Weapon
FInteraction/Collect Items 3
GEnter Vehicle/Collect Items 2
HCollect Items 1/Pick Up Item 1

If you are not comfortable with the existing controls, you can edit them. The method:

  • Click the icon on the “Game Guide” on the side
  • Click “View/Edit Game Controls”.
  • You will find all the keyboard control options to make it easier to play FF ​​on PC.
  • After editing, don’t forget to click “Save” so that the new settings are saved on your device.

Make Mapping Knob

make button mapping

When you play Free Fire by using Nox Player as an emulator, you can create mapping knob. Just like when playing with Bluestacks, mapping the buttons with Nox Player can also be set at will to make it easier for you to play. The steps are:

  • Install NOX Player, install FF with the emulator.
  • Log in to your account as usual.
  • Select the “Settings” icon then go to the “Control” section. Click “Custom HUD”.
  • Through this menu, you can make mapping buttons to make it easier for you to play by using keyboard and mouse. Click “Keyboard Control” in the panel on the right (you can also press CTRL+1).
  • Click “Save” if the process mapping button is OK.
  • Activate the “Auto Pickup” mode to make the process of picking up items easier.

Need to know when doing mapping game button to mouse and keyboard, there are three main buttons to set. The buttons are “Direction Controllers”, “Fire”, and “Crosshair”.

When the button has different uses. “Direction Controllers” whose icon is in the form of a direction serve as a replacement joystick (on keyboard represented by the letter keys A, S, W and D).

Meanwhile, the “Crosshair” button, which has a crosshairs icon, is useful as a directional pointer that can be controlled with mouse. Instead of placing it on one of the control buttons, place it in the center of the screen to make playing easier.

Next, there is a “Fire” button that functions as a button shoot (to hit or shoot the opponent). Control this button by using the mouse. If you feel that the three functions are still lacking, take advantage of “Keys” (the icon in the form of the letter A). With this icon, do mapping more buttons that haven’t been used before to keyboard PC.

Playing with a cell phone is fun. However, sometimes trying something new like playing your favorite game on your PC will certainly give you a different experience. In addition to different controls, a wider screen display is also an advantage for playing using a computer.

Here are some easy steps how to download FF on PC as well as how to play it. Good luck and remember, avoid using cheats so as not to hit bannedyes!

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