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More Details about the Types of PUBG Online Weapons

Compete marksmanship in games PUBG on line it’s really fun, especially games this allows you to fight with many players at once. In order for you to defeat the enemy, preparation must be done. One of them is preparation related to the choice of PUBG weapons. Choosing the wrong weapon can make you the butt of gamer other.

Games PUBG on line offers a very diverse selection of weapons. Not infrequently, you will experience confusion in choosing it, especially if you are a beginner PUBG player. Therefore, you need to know more deeply the characteristics of each weapon in games this. Next, choose a weapon whose characteristics match your way of playing.

Overall, you will find eight categories of PUBG weapons mobile. To know more about the characteristics of each weapon, read this article to the end, OK?

#1. Assault Rifle

pubg m416 gun

Assault rifle including the best types of PUBG weapons that are popular among gamer. This long-barreled rifle offers flexible use. You can use it for close, medium, or long-range combat. Add more, assault rifle included as one of the weapons with damage high in games PUBG.

Choice of weapons that fall into the category assault rifle very diverse. For weapon selection with firing rate high, you can choose Beryl M762. Firing rate The height makes this weapon capable of firing bullets in a short time. In addition, Beryl M762 also has considerable power.

Next, you can also choose the pubg m416 weapon. Assault rifle this one has firing rate which is no less than Beryl M762. Interestingly, the time it takes to reload This rifle is also quite short, only 2 seconds. You can use it in two shooting modes, namely single and auto.

#2. Designated Marksman Rifle

pubg mobile dmr gun

You can also find a choice of weapon categories designated marksman rifle (DMR). This weapon is a subset of sniper rifle. The abilities possessed by DMR weapons are a combination of: assault rifle and sniper rifle. You will find that DMR rifles have a lower firing range than sniper rifle and have damage bigger than assault rifle.

With these advantages, you can use this weapon to fight at a considerable distance. Choice of weapons that fall into the DMR category in PUBG on line not too many, including SKS, VSS Vintorez, Mini 14, QBU, SLR, and MK14 which are often mentioned as one of PUBG’s sickest weapons.

#3. Sniper Rifle

the sickest pubg weapon

True to its name, sniper rifle is a type of PUBG weapon that is suitable for the role of a sniper. This type of weapon has a very long shooting range. It’s not enough to stop there, sniper rifle is the sickest PUBG weapon category. Only, this weapon has a weakness firing rate The low one. Therefore, you have to make sure that every shot is on target.

Choice sniper rifle in PUBG is quite diverse. The Winchester Model 1894 is often referred to as the worst weapon. The reason is because this rifle is known as one-of-a-kind sniper rifle who can’t use scope. This becomes a very serious problem if you play a sniper. Alternatively, you can use Mosin Nagant, AWM, M24, and Karabiner 98 Kurz.

#4. Submachine Guns (SMG)

pubg online smg guns

SMG is not included in the category of the sickest PUBG weapon. Damage produced by SMG is relatively smaller than assault rifle or sniper rifle. However, the main advantages possessed by SMG are firing rateits very high. This advantage will be very useful if you want to strafe enemies at close range.

UMP 45 is often the main choice of SMG-type weapons by paratroopers gamer. The reason is, UMP 45 is an SMG with damage second largest. However, this weapon has a minimal ammunition capacity, only 25 rounds. Instead, you can use extended so the capacity can reach 35 bullets. Besides UMP 45, you can also find other SMG options, such as Vector, MP5K, Tommy Gun, and Micro UZI.

#5. Light Machine Guns (LMG)

pubg m249 gun

PUBG weapon categories mobile Next up is LMG. This weapon has a characteristic on firing ratehis high, even beat assault rifle. However, LMG is a weapon with a low firing range and relatively small bullet capacity. When using this weapon, it is possible that you will often run out of bullets.

You won’t find many weapons that fall into the LMG category in PUBG. In total there are only two weapons, namely PUBG M249 and DP-18 weapons. Both are equipped with stand which can be attached to the barrel. The intended use stand is to make the weapon more stable when used to shoot.

#6. Shotgun

pubg gun hurts

Besides SMG, you can also rely on shotgun for close combat. Shotgun famous as one of the sickest PUBG weapons because this weapon is able to fire many bullets at once in one pull of the trigger. However, shotgun has a weakness in the small capacity of bullets and time reload which is quite long.

Choice shotgun The best you can find in PUBG is the S12K. This weapon has a relatively short reload time. The reason, you can pair quick draw magazine on SK12K. Besides that, there are also considerations shotgun others, such as DBS, S1897, S686, and Sawed-off.

#7. Gun

pubg mobile guns

You can also find PUBG weapon options in the form of a gun. Para gamer PUBG on line usually use a gun as a secondary weapon. Even so, there is nothing wrong if you use a gun for the main weapon. However, the gun has mediocre performance. Damageit’s not too big with a shooting range that’s not too far away.

Variations of guns that you can use in PUBG on line a huge amount. The Scorpion is the most popular type of pistol that is often used because the Scorpion is the only pistol that can be paired with attachments. Apart from the Scorpion, you can also use other types of pistols, such as the P92, P1911, P18C, Deagle, and so on.

#8. Melee

best pubg guns

In a desperate situation, you can use a weapon melee. Weapon choice melee in PUBG there are four, namely crowbar, machete, panas well as sickle. What’s interesting and a bit ridiculous is the fact that pan or teflon is the most painful PUBG weapon in this category melee.

Those are the eight categories of PUBG weapons that you can use when fighting in the arena. Happy war and have fun, huh!

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