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MobaZane Pro Player Admits MLBB World's Toughest Server Is PH Games

BTK captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, recently arrived in the Philippines. The American Pro Player is hoping to see an ML meta in the region before the upcoming M4 World Championships. After playing against streamer pro players and local players, MobaZane was overwhelmed by how great the local players in the region were compared to players in North America.

Despite having a hard time adapting to the Filipino meta, he hopes to be able to play with more PH players and improve his playing style. MobaZane has also started to adapt his Jungle gameplay by adopting the Jungle Emblem meta, which was recently introduced in PH.

MobaZane salutes competitive ML in the Philippines

Currently, BTK is still the strongest MLBB team in NA. However, the stagnant MLBB esport scene in the region has forced team captain BTK MobaZane, to explore the SEA region and look for a more competitive environment. After months of planning, MobaZane arrived in the Philippines to improve his skills and learn more about the meta.

In one of the streams, MobaZane admitted that it was difficult to fight against PH players in the ranked match. He even said that PH is the “hardest server in the world”.

“I thought I knew it was going to be tough,” MobaZane said.

“I’m not too upset, I’m just a little surprised.”

MobaZane says he will increase the amount of exercise he does. He also realized the importance of the Jungle Emblem which is currently the main icon for junglers in the PH MLBB meta.

MobaZane’s Answer to the Jungle Meta Emblem Question

Immediately after switching to the Jungle emblem, the BTK Captain saw an improvement in his playing style. In fact, he won the MVP title with his Yi Sun-Shin on the PH server.

“I think the Jungle Emblem might be a requirement,” MobaZane said.

“It’s not about Retri, but when enemy Junglers have them, they will outperform you.”

Although the use of the Jungle Emblem proved to be great, MobaZane didn’t like it. He felt like he was forced to use it to compete with enemy junglers.

“I think you need a Jungler Emblem, bro. Too bad I was forced to use an emblem that I don’t even like,” said the BTK captain.

MobaZane’s journey to the PH region made him realize how big the meta difference is in each region. By learning the most effective regional strategies, MobaZane may be able to improve BTK’s style of play and win a place in the upcoming M4 World Championship. What do you think?

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