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Miscellaneous Hero Mobile Legend, Which is the Strongest and Best?

Who Mobile Legends heroes your hero?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), heroes have an important role to help complete missions. You start the game by selecting a hero with the status “on loan for free” from the system. You can also buy heroes with diamonds.

Indeed, not all heroes you can play from the start. You need to collect diamonds to buy new characters. The more collections of heroes, the easier it is for you to strategize to win each round of the game.

Finding a hero that fits your style of play and strategy can be tricky. Ranking The height of other gamers does not guarantee the hero they use will be suitable for you. It’s better to understand first what types Mobile Legends heroes so you can find your own version of the strongest hero.

Mobile Legend Hero Type

mobile legends hero type

In each round of the game, you will run a unique character called a hero. Purchasing heroes can be done in various ways, including: top up diamond or armed with tickets and Battle Points.

Each Mobile Legends heroes equipped with four skills, consists of three active skills and one passive skills. Heroes can also be grouped into two groups according to the attack distance they control, namely ranged and melee.

Ranged is capable of producing a longer range of attack than melee. Although melee heroes have a short attack range, in some situations this hero can be a mainstay to smooth out your strategy.

Before knowing anyone latest Mobile Legend heroes, first look at what the criteria for heroes are based on their characteristics.


Like his nickname, Assassin heroes fill battle positions. They can plan attacks wisely while defeating the enemy tactically. When selecting and aiming at targets, Assassins do so with great care.

You need to know, Assassin’s Hit Point (HP) is low, but this hero is ideal for high-flying gamers. Some Assassins tend to be less durable so that even when the strategy is wrong, the hero is easily killed.


Present at the forefront of battle, Tank heroes play a major role in efforts to attack the enemy. They encourage teammates who use Assassin or Marksman heroes to quickly build attacks.

On the other hand, Tank also puts forth every effort to help protect a rather fragile hero. When you are able to move the Tank with the right strategy, this one hero can be the strongest hero you know.


Need a hero who can attack strategically from a distance? Marksman is the perfect choice. Paired well with tanks, he is also capable of destroying towers in no time.

Just so you know, Marksman has HP that is less durable so he is easily killed. That is why the best way to maintain it is to position the Marksman to remain in the safe zone aka the ideal distance.


Mage is synonymous with magician. This hero is able to inflict damage on nearby enemies thanks to the magic he uses. Therefore, having a Mage in a team is crucial.

The resulting magic effect is the Mage’s main strength. Because physical attacks are not their strength, automatically the Mage’s endurance is low. That’s the reason you must be careful when launching this hero to fight against enemies alone.


If the Marksman fights from afar with the Tank, then the Fighter directly faces the enemy. It may be that Fighter’s attacks are not as strong as Marksman, but you can still rely on him because he is very stable.

HP Fighter is not so low because the strength tends to be large. This makes the Fighter you can use alone or in collaboration with Marksman.


As the name implies, this one hero is in charge of helping his teammates. Hero Support will help other heroes who have less endurance and are easily killed, such as Marksman.

The main support skill plays an important role in maintaining team performance while helping control the team while doing battle. Because you have to protect team members, so don’t be provoked to attack, okay?

Best Mobile Legend Hero

best mobile legends heroes

Studying the strengths and weaknesses of the following hero characters will help you build a list the strongest Mobile Legend hero. It’s okay if you and other gamers have a different version because it adapts to the style of play and strategy that is carried out.

However, if you need a recommendation, here’s a list Mobile Legends heroes best version of UniPin.


This Hero Assassin just recently revamp as the best Assassin category solo rank Season 16 MLBB. FYINatalia was able to disappear up to three times after beingrevamp. This makes damage what it does can be huge. If you execute it with all the ready-made items and your flying hours are high, Natalia can be a lethal weapon to defeat all opponents.


Are you looking for a new tank hero? Atlas deserves to be on your radar. Currently, he is seen as the most ‘annoying’ hero because he has the ability to slam enemies. Just so you know, Atlas’s survivability is above average due to combining extra defense (skills passive) and damage reduction (skills 2).


This Marksman Hero is the top choice of gamers who are in charge of positions carry. Strength damage released by Karrie is fairly large. However, the main reason why Karrie was chosen was that her power didn’t decrease after update patches 1.4.60 done. As long as it doesn’t hit nerf, immediately take advantage of this Marksman hero in battle.


This Hero Mage has a unique role if you play it in solo rank. As long as you carry out tactics hyper carry, You can use the Pharsa to fill the position semi-support. Even if you don’t do that strategy, Pharsa can still be relied on thanks to the combination of deadly attacks he has.


From the ranks of Fighter heroes, Chou has succeeded in attracting gamers. Ability disable Chou became the main weapon, while damage the output is large enough as long as you can combine skills appropriately. If you’re using tactics hyper carry, Chou could be offlaner because it can survive as well as fast clear lane.


Nana can be called a mainstay Support hero. He is able to change the enemy’s form into a cat, while the ulti he has is often the ultimate weapon. Had become material bully fellow players, Nana’s prestige rose since tactics meta hyper carry popular. One of the tricks is that he can’t be a target when he’s dying.

That’s a recommendation Mobile Legends heroes UniPin mainstay. How about your version? Share here come on!

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