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Minecraft PC Cheats in English

Minecraft is indeed very popular. It has even been named the most played game. This is not surprising considering that the Minecraft community is spread all over the world.

You can now play this game made by Mohjang on various platforms. Including the PC which in fact is the main platform where Minecraft was created. Even though it’s been around for a long time, Minecraft still exists today.

As the best-selling game in the world, of course all players enjoy the gameplay that Minecraft provides. There are various conveniences that you can do in this one game. One of them is to use a cheat code.

You can also use shortcuts to get these premium features in Minecraft. In this article, Halogame will share a collection of Minecraft Cheat Codes on the PC platform for you.

Curious? Indonesian Minecraft PC Cheats! Check below.

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Minecraft PC Cheats English

Effects CheatsCheat Code
Change to survival mode/gamemode 0
Change to creative mode/gamemode 1
Change to adventure mode/gamemode 2
Change to spectator mode/gamemode 3
Disabling command block output/gamerule commandBlockOutput false
Disabling death messages/gamerule showDeathMessages
Disable fire spread
/gamerule doFireTick false
Turn off cycle time/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Storing things after death/gamerule keepInventory true
Kill players randomly/kill @r
Kill all entities/kill @e
Kill all players/kill @a
Killing nearby players/kill @p
Set the time to midnight/timeset 18000
Set the time to daytime/timeset 6000
Absorption rate/effect [player name] 22 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Blindness rate/effect [player name] 15 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Fire Resistance/effect [player name] 12 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Hasty rate/effect [player name] 3 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Life increase/effect [player name] 21 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Hunger level/effect [player name] 17 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Instant damage/effect [player name] 7 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Instant health/effect [player name] 6 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Not visible/effect [player name] 14 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Jump upgrade/effect [player name] 8 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Fatigue level/effect [player name] 4 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Nausea level/effect [player name] 9 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Night vision/effect [player name] 16 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Poison level/effect [player name] 19 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Regeneration rate/effect [player name] 10 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Durability/effect [player name] 11 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Saturation level/effect [player name] 23 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Slow rate/effect [player name] 2 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Speed ​​level/effect [player name] 1 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Strength level/effect [player name] 5 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Breathing in water/effect [player name] 13 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Weakness level/effect [player name] 18 [seconds] [level 1-255]
Withering rate/effect [player name] 20 [seconds] [level 1-255]

Now, That’s the Indonesian Minecraft PC Cheat. By using the cheat code above, you can unlock various premium features in Minecraft. These features will be able to help you play Minecraft and make the gameplay of this game even more exciting.

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