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Microsoft Pays 140 Billion to Bring Marvels Guardians of Galaxy to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft can be said to be quite successful with their Xbox Game Pass. Of course, behind this success, they have done various ways to make Xbox Game Pass attractive to everyone.

They have to spend quite a lot of money to bring famous games into Xbox Game Pass. For example, call it a game made by Square Enix – Marvels Guardians of Galaxy.

Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass

According to information, Microsoft must spend around USD 5-10 million or the equivalent of IDR 70-140 billion to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass. Launching from VGCDavid Gibson as a senior analyst at MST Financial said that Microsoft is paying this nominal.

Although this nominal has been confirmed, Gibson still believes that the figure is an estimate based on discussions between Microsoft and Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy. Especially when you know that Microsoft is not very open to things like this.

Spend a lot of money for a license!

Microsoft Pays 140 Billion To Bring Marvels Guardian Of Galaxy To Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass | Press Start

Microsoft blog writer Chris Charla has even said that the company has paid developers and publishers hundreds of millions of dollars for Xbox Game Pass licensing fees since the service came into existence in 2022.

On the other hand, Sony is also now preparing to present the PlayStation Game Pass to compete with Microsoft. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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