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Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Bring Multiplayer Mode!

Microsoft flight simulator is rumored to be getting a multiplayer mode

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an airplane simulation game made by Microsoft that comes with stunning visuals, complete with various airports from around the world and other interesting features. Well, now the good news is Asobo Studios as a developer is trying to introduce a very interesting feature, namely Multiplayer through the video entitled “Feature Discovery Series Episode 7: Multiplayer“.

Take advantage of technology cloud computing Microsoft that is Azurethey are able to present the main feature named One Shared Worldwhere this feature presents the world conditions that exist in the real world into Microsoft Flight Simulator, so you can imagine the real world is now present in video games with real time conditions.

In addition, this feature also allows players to be able to manage air traffic accordingly real time or not, the weather real time or not and everything can be arranged according to your wishes including choosing the plane you want to drive freely. What’s more, players don’t need to bother setting up configurations or join the lobby/room when you want to try multiplayer mode.

Well, what do you think buddy? GameZeRO about the multiplayer mode that will be brought to the game Microsoft Flight Simulator? Approximately what is the total size of the game?

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