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Meet Karrie, High Speed ​​Deadly Marksman

Need an agile fighter who can break Tank-type opponents easily? Karrie Mobile Legends can be an option. As one of the best Marksman for a long time, Karrie can create damage quite large, especially at the end of the game, especially with its high speed and ranged attacks.

Want to quickly GG when playing Karrie? Learn about the characters below.

Karrie Background

karrie mobile legends story
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Karrie is Yasson, a clan from the kingdom of Alaghat who is known for high technology. Yasson was born with poorly formed legs, but has amazing agility and speed of movement. Born with great talent and physical strength, Karrie is trained to be a deadly but arrogant fighter, barely showing any emotion so that she is not much different from a machine.

When she almost died in a fierce battle, Karrie was saved by a mysterious figure who gave her “consciousness”. This gave Karrie a hint of the Yassons’ extinction. This experience makes Karrie decide to wander into the Land of Dawn and find her destiny.

Karrie’s Ultimate Skill

karrie mobile legends

According to Karrie Mobile legends guideall skills This fighter tends to spend a lot of HP due to his speed. However, you can use it a lot farming at the beginning in order to collect items. Here are some skills that you can collect to make Karrie stronger.

1. Lightweel (Passive)

Lightweel creates an attack in the form of a burst of light that creates damage up to 13 percent on your opponent’s HP. Lightweel is most effective against forest monsters because damageit can reach 300 points.

2. Spinning Lightweel (Skill 1)

Spinning Lightweel is a kind of glowing flying wheel. Karrie can fire it to attack from a distance, creating damage up to 200 points or +90 percent Physical Attack effect. Plus, you can slow down your opponent’s movements by up to 80 percent.

Spinning Lightweel is highly recommended for dealing with fast running opponents. You can also use it to dodge.

3. Phantom Step (Skill 2)

Phantom Step combines Spinning Lightweel with fast movement in the direction we specify. Physical Damage can reach 150 points or 70 percent Physical Attack. You can even use dual mode aka firing two Spinning Lightweels at once.

4. Speedy Lightweel (Skill 3)

Speedy Lightweel grants six seconds of extra speed when Karrie releases two light wheels at once. However, if you use this skill, Physical Damage is reduced by 50 percent. Speedy Lightweel is ideal if you want to aim at multiple enemies at once.

Build Items Karrie

karrie mobile legends skills

Karrie Mobile Legend best build make sure your fighter doesn’t run out of HP quickly when launching high-speed attacks. All of the following items will help you clear many enemies, especially the Tank type.

1. Demon Shoes

You must get Demon Shoes so that your HP and where Karrie doesn’t run out fast. You can also use Skill 1 and 2 more often if you have these shoes. When you kill your opponent, you will get a little where extra for wearing Demon Shoes.

2. Raptor Machete

You can take advantage of Karrie’s speed early in the game by doing farming a lot. Raptor Machete is an item to do just that quickly. You can stack them up to 15 stack before launching an attackdamage big.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

Increase Karrie’s attack speed by 25 percent with the Demon Hunter Sword. You can use this to support Passive Skills to reduce the opponent’s HP even more.

4. Golden Staff

After getting the Demon Hunter Sword, you can combine it with the Golden Staff plus Passive Skills. You will get additional Attack Speed ​​of up to 35 percent without needing too many Lightweel Marks.

5. Blade of Despair

This is a suitable item to support the Marksman function on Karrie. Blade of Despair increases the Physical Attack effect by 25 percent if you attack an enemy whose blood is only 25 percent.

6. Athena’s Shield

If your opponent has a lot of Mage fighters, you might have a hard time dealing with their attacks. Athena’s Shield helps Karrie take on opponents like Rafaela or Diggie.

7. Immortality

Don’t forget to get Immortality in anticipation of the game’s deadliest final phase. Immortality allows Karrie to live again with limited HP and Shield abilities. You can also use it to avoid the strongest opponents.

Karrie’s Strengths and Weaknesses

karrie mobile legends build

Karrie Mobile Legends 2022 has advantages and disadvantages that you should anticipate. Here are some of them.


  • Damage is quite large and can destroy Hero Tanks
  • Karrie’s speed skill has time cooldown low, suitable for moving agile
  • High speed makes it ideal for farming
  • Relatively easy to control although requires a good position to attack


  • Must always be close to other team members because their HP runs out quickly after attacking repeatedly
  • Attack range is among the shortest among Marksman-type fighters
  • The more Physical Damage dealt, the slower the speed
  • It’s easy to die when faced with an Assassin or Mage type fighter Mobile Legends

Tips for Successfully Playing Karrie

How can GG be successful using Karrie? Here are some tricks you can learn.

1. Don’t be eager to chase the enemy

Karrie indeed hero marksman have attack type burst with damage big, but that doesn’t mean you can carelessly chase the enemy to the rear. Focus on the opponent who is in front so that the results of the fight are maximized.

2. Mix Skills for Maximum Results

Don’t underestimate the power of Skill 1. Karrie can give you a lot of benefits if you combine Skills 1 and 2. You can inflict considerable physical damage while reducing the opponent’s speed without moving from your place. However, make sure you take into account the position and angle of attack well.

3. Aim Accurately on Opponents

Aiming accurately is key to taking advantage of Karrie’s ability to attack from afar. Don’t hesitate to use the Hero Lock Mode feature so that your shots are accurate.

Karrie Mobile Legends may be an old fighter, but his speed and attack effect make him one of the best and easiest fighters you can get when playing Marksman.

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