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Lylia Mobile Legend, The Little Hero Who Has the Painful Damage

Since appearing in season 15, Lylia Mobile Legend becomes hero The most hated mage player. Because Lylia has the ability clear lane fastest. He also often troubles opponents whenpick by pro players.

Nevertheless, Lylia has an adorable appearance like a child. He looks cute, cute, and innocent. It seems that appearance is in harmony with Lylia Mobile Legend quoteadults are so boring, I don’t want to grow up‘ which he often said.

You want to get to know Lylia even more? Come on, read on the review below!

Lylia Mobile Legend Unique Facts

lylia mobile legends wallpaper

Behind her cute character, Lylia keeps a unique fact. First, hero This mage is a dark magician (dark magician). Usually, the magicians lived in dungeons which had a tense atmosphere.

Potion sharp smell and loud explosion sound as if it became a paradise for dark magicians. As dark magician On the other hand, Lylia doesn’t have many friends. The reason, rarely anyone who wants to visit the underground zone.

Second fact, Lylia one of the heroes that looks cute has a unique and creative character even though he comes from among the dark magicians. Then, the third fact was Lylia’s parents who founded the magic academy. Unfortunately, Lylia’s parents had to leave the magic academy due to their destructive power.

The fourth fact, Lylia gets different treatment in the Land of Dawn. Apparently that treatment made Lylia often mess with her surroundings. Lylia didn’t mean to interfere, but she just wanted to gain recognition as magician like the others.

The fifth fact is that Lylia once hurt her two friends, Eudora and Harley. Even though it wasn’t intentional, it really made Lylia feel guilty.

The last fact, Lylia is getting obsessed with dark magic because he wanted to meet his parents through this power. he believes, dark magic can connect the past and the future.

Advantages and disadvantages Hero Lylia

lylia mobile legends pictures

Behind the annoying character of Lylia, it turns out that this hero has many advantages.

Lylia is able to recover HP

That’s great hero Lylia, which is able to restore HP in a state of urgency. In fact, Lylia can regenerate her near-death HP with the help skills passive or active.

Skills Cool Ultimates

Lylia has skills the deadliest so-called Ulti-Back. With skills this, sang hero can maximize the amount stack skills Angry Gloom on attack.

On the other hand, when Lylia used skills Ultimate to defend, he easily gets the HP he lost four seconds ago. In addition, Lylia is able to move quickly so she can escape from dangerous locations.

Fast Fight

Shadow Energy and Black Shoe provide additional movement speed on hero Lylia. Because of that, Lylia was able to fight faster than hero other.

Continuous Explosion

As the greatest dark magician, Lylia has the ability to detonate magic repeatedly. Skills this was what overwhelmed the opponent against Lylia.

Good at Spying Enemy

Lylia has skills Ultimate which can be used to target the enemy’s presence so as not to get hit ganking. However, you have to make sure skills it is not on Cooldown.

Poke Best

The resulting long range skills 1 and 2 make Lylia capable poke enemy on target. In fact, you can give damage great even from a distance.

Damage Tall

By combining combo and skills 1, Lylia can release damage big. If you are successful give 5 stack from skills 2, then blown up using skills 1, damageit could be higher.

In addition to having many advantages, Lylia also does not escape from the disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of Sang hero which you should watch out for.

Lylia Has Low Transfers

Lylia can move fast when close to crystal. On the other hand, the movement becomes very slow when away from the object.

His Movement when Attacking is Predictable

This weakness appears when Lylia is in the area folder. The enemy easily dodged it because it could predict Lylia’s attack. In fact, the bomb traps that Lylia set were often difficult to hit the enemy.

Low Defense

Lylia is easy to kill because it has low defense. He is just like any other Mage who often dies when he is at a disadvantage. Lylia’s agility is also useless if it has been hit by the enemy’s Crowd Control.

Build Items Hero Lylia

lylia mobile legends build

Build items Lylia can make up for her lack of skills Crowd Control and maximize damage. Here are some items recommended for hero Lylia.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand enhance effect slow up to 30% of skills this witch. When Lylia activates items the opponent will have difficulty escaping. How to activate items enough to give damage twice towards the opponent.

Not only that, the Ice Queen Wand also adds Lifesteal and Movement Speed ​​to Lylia. Hence, Lylia is tougher and survive moment team fight.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal increases Magic Attack by 30%. When combined with items Blood Wings, Lylia’s Magic Power also increased.

Demon Shoes

In order to avoid the enemy, Lylia needed to move quickly. With the help of Demon Shoes, the agile Lylia will get additional movement speed. In addition, Demon Shoes also provides a fairly large Regen Mana.

Divine Glaive

The Divine Glaive embedded in Lylia was able to increase Magic Penetration. If you combine it with the Genius Wand, Lylia can also reduce the opponent’s Magic Defense.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings should be used on late game. Because, items this gives an additional +500 HP and +150 Magic Power which makes Lylia’s attack even more painful.

Calamity Reaper

Lylia can earn damage big enough than a Calamity Reaper if releasing just one skills. In addition, Calamity Reaper is suitable for Lylia who relies on Bassic Attack.

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand effect burn for three seconds on the opponent while zooming damage Lylia. Specially, Lylia also gains 700 HP and 5% Movement Speed ​​from items this.


Immortality completes some defense items owned by Lylia. Function items this is to add +40 Physical Defense and +800 HP.

Thus a brief review about Lylia Mobile Legend. Win the fight games it’s not enough to rely on strength hero. You should also look for references Lylia Mobile Legend guide to be able to survive long in the arena.

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