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Looking for a Money-Making and Fun Android Game? Play PUBG Mobile, Come on!

Played games indeed be the right choice if you want to have fun and relieve fatigue. However, you can also take advantage of games as a source of income. If you are good, you can play games Android that makes money and have fun at the same time. Fun, right?

Making money from playing activities games actually nothing new. Moreover, along with the increasing popularity of a games, his existence became more than just a game. Therefore, do not be surprised if you can take advantage of games popular like PUBG mobile as games Android money making.

Is PUBG Mobile a Games Android that Makes Money?

android money making games

PUBG Mobile is famous as a genre game battle royale with the number of players reaching 100 people in one arena. Games It also allows you to play in solo or team mode. Not to forget, you can also adjust the appearance of PUBG Mobile with mode first person shooter or third person shooter.

The popularity of PUBG Mobile is incredible. Based on data reported by GMRPC, the number of PUBG Mobile players per 2022 reached 734 million. It is possible that this number will continue to increase. Moreover, PUBG Mobile continues to get feature and character updates.

However, whether PUBG is games Android that makes money directly to the account? The answer is no. Tencent Games who became publisher from games battle royale it does not provide a feature that allows players to earn money directly. Even so, you can take advantage of that games this is to make money.

How to Earn Money on PUBG Mobile

money making android games

At this point, you are curious about how to make PUBG a gamer games android money maker, right? Moreover, if the income from games This is legal and lawful. That way, you don’t have to worry about being searched for by the authorities or even getting sanctions in the form of a hit account banned. Instead, you need to dedicate time to hone your skills in defeating the enemy.

Then, how can you get money from games PUBG Mobile? There are 5 choices of methods that you can use to make PUBG Mobile as a games Android make moneythat is:

1. Jockey games

The first way that you can choose to make PUBG Mobile your games Android that makes money is to become a jockey games. The profession as a jockey has become common knowledge among people gamer.

This one profession is needed by gamer who want to get strong characters the easy way. Instead of playing it themselves, they use the services of a jockey to level up the character.

The level of demand for jockey services is usually in line with popularity games. As games which has a very high level of popularity, the opportunity to become a jockey and make PUBG Mobile a games Android is a huge money maker. You can help gamer others to increase their character’s rank.

Then, how much potential income can you get from the jockey service business? Quoted from Kincir, you can earn up to IDR 2 million per week from this business. You can get that much money if you have high skills and are able to get high ranks and ranks.

2. Sell account

The next method in making PUBG Mobile a games Android that makes money is to sell the account. The amount of money you can get from selling account activities varies. You can sell your account at a high price if you have a high rank and good equipment.

Then, where can you offer a PUBG Mobile account? The choices are varied. You can join groups or communities gamer. In addition, there is also the option to sell the account using a special marketplace games.

3. Games streamer

PUBG Mobile can be games Android that makes money if you use it for activities stream. Profession as game streamer Currently quite popular among gamer. Moreover, there are many platform share videos that you can use, including YouTube Gaming, Twitch or Facebook.

Then, where did a games streamer can earn money? There are many options that you can take advantage of. First, you can take advantage of ads. In addition, there is also the option to receive support or donations from fans. You will have no trouble getting funds if you are good at playing PUBG Mobile and are able to entertain the audience.

4. Content creator

Next, you can make PUBG Mobile games Android that makes money directly to the account by profession as content creator. This profession is indeed similar to a streamer. It’s just, one content creator need to have more than just being able to play GG and defeat a lot of enemies in the arena.

There are various types of content that you can create if you want to be content creator. You can choose content in the form of articles or videos. To be able to produce good content, you need to equip yourself with the ability to write or edit videos. That way, the content that you can produce looks interesting.

5. Join the tournament

If you feel good at playing PUBG Mobile, take advantage of it skills to participate in a tournament and become an esports athlete. In recent years, the country’s esports community has grown quite rapidly. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tournaments have sprung up gamesgames popular, both nationally and internationally.

It’s just that, you need to be careful when you want to take part in PUBG Mobile tournaments. Not infrequently, there are people who take advantage of gamer for his own benefit by organizing fake tournaments. Therefore, you need to be vigilant so as not to become one of the victims.

Well, those are tips that you can use in an effort to make PUBG Mobile a gamer Android games that make money. Good luck and good luck getting a lot of rupiah coffers, OK!

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